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Why you need one!
The most obvious use of a Camouflage Passport is in time of political trouble. In today’s world there is a real risk traveling anywhere.
o    Terrorists
o    Weirdoes
o    Angry mobs
o    Anti-wealth Zealots
o    Hijackers
In any terrorist or hijack situation, you might be singled out and penalized for being easy game.
Presenting your Camouflage Passport can mask your identity and might well save your life!
You could be in very real danger. You must take every available measure to ensure that you are fully prepared for any situation.
You have good reason to be afraid.
There are terrorist groups in virtually every major city in the world. A trip to bank, public building, military base or government office could turn into a hostage situation. A cruise to the Caribbean or Middle East could easily end in hijacking. Airports are not as they used to be. No one knows when or where trouble will strike next.
All tourists carry passports. Carrying your Camouflage Passport at all, times will make you a tourist in any emergency event, anywhere, anytime.
The following passport countries are currently available:  

Old Name

New Name

British Guiana


British Honduras


British West Indies

Does not exist



Dutch Guiana


East Samoa

American Samoa

Netherlands East Indies


New Hebrides




South Vietnam


Spanish Guinea

Equatorial Guinea



As an extra security measure, we limit the number of passports from each country, so the country selection may change from time to time.

1929 Wessex Passport
Wessex Passport
These passports are not sold as travel documents. Any fictional document, passport or ID card sold by V.I.S.A. limited is strictly a novelty item and is not represented as being issued by any real government, foreign or otherwise. It is the responsibility of the buyer, without reservations, qualifications or restrictions to ensure that fictional kingdom passports and ID cards are used in a lawful manner.
All items sold are for novelty purposes only.

Ordering Information.

To order your Camouflage Passport request an order form from::
Contact US
Tel: +44(0) 845 868 2810  Fax : +44(0) 845 862 1954

You will need to complete the Order Form  andiInclude three passport size photos (2” x 2”) Black & White or Color

Payment Method
Enclose cheque or money order payable to Drummond & Co. You will recieve  the following:
a) Passport
b) Two ID Cards  

c) Driver’s License  
US$ 720.00, including delivery worldwide (or US$ 775.00, including delivery to the USA)
(Airmail delivery is free of charge)

Diplomatic Passport

1. The history of diplomatic immunity

The notion that a diplomatic agent should be immune from aggression of any kind in the execution of his or her duties is a very ancient concept. The heralds and ambassadors of times past were, by necessity, required to travel through unfriendly territories, and often to the enemy army itself.

Only with the threat of violence removed could communication between leaders become effective. This unwritten code was made into law in 1780, when England adopted the Diplomatic Privileges Act. This act granted total immunity from both criminal prosecution as well as civil suits, so that ambassadors and their families could exercise the native country’s diplomatic mail, without fear of repercussions from the host country.

In fact, the institution of diplomatic immunity was, even then, so respected, that the government could prosecute an individual initiating a lawsuit or bringing charges against a diplomat.

There has never been a reasonable and realistic argument raised for the abolition of diplomatic immunity. It is an unquestionable necessity in the world of diplomatic relations.

Countries have a tendency to disagree with one another on certain items, and even go to war when these items are of great importance. Therefore, absolute protection of one’s diplomatic representatives is a fundamental requirement before meaningful negotiations can take place.

It is not only the physical safety of a diplomat that must be guaranteed, but his hindrance as well, for if it is at all lengthy, hindrance is tantamount to prosecution. A traffic cop, who pulls over a diplomatic vehicle on its way to an important international meeting, because the car has a broken taillight, is engaging in persecution, albeit minor.

In addition, the safe conveyance of sensitive or even secret information must be equally protected. It is tempting to violate this guarantee and learn our enemy’s secrets, but if we want our agents to enjoy the privilege of secrecy abroad, we must respect the right of privacy of foreign agents here. Moreover, since a foreign mission, embassy or consulate is considered foreign property, its premises must be sacrosanct and inviolable.

In 1970, the United States adopted England’s Diplomatic Privileges Act almost verbatim. However, by 1961, the United States and other members of the United Nations, met in Vienna to discuss the role of total immunity in the modern world, and to draft a new international treaty regarding diplomatic relations. It is this document, the Vienna Convention, which spells out the mechanics of diplomatic immunity and its related privileges.

The two notable differences in what the Vienna Convention proposed and the age-old tradition of immunity, were the recognition of the differences between official and private acts, and the various classifications of the diplomatic corps, and the level of immunity each should receive.

Both United States and Britain signed Vienna Convention, but the US went a step further and ratified its own Diplomatic Relations Act of 1978. Under the DRA, as its known, “NO diplomatic agent or member of his family, once his identity has been established and his immunity confirmed, can be arrested or detained on criminal charges.”

Occasionally, the abuses of this immunity are made public and for a few days, people cry out for the repeal of immunity laws. After all, there can be no possible justification for someone having the legal right to rob, kill, smuggle drugs, or ape, right? Wee, these abuses are so rare, that they are exaggerated by the press and hardly detract from the overall benefits of immunity.

Newspapers rarely carry the stories of immunity saving the lives of Americans, Canadians, and Britons abroad. Nevertheless, this has happened many, many times, especially when diplomats find themselves in countries where adultery and drunk driving are crimes punishable by death, or where wives of offenders are punished along with their husbands, or where drinking a martini could result in a public flogging.

It is sometimes easy to forget that some countries are not as advanced as our own, and that the everyday freedoms we demand are completely unheard of there. However, our diplomats must live in these conditions day in and day out for several years at a time. Admittedly, ambassadors from these backward countries in the West certainly have it easier, but we should not punish them for our own advances, nor should we expect to procure complete immunity for our diplomats there, while denying those privileges to diplomats here.

It is true that diplomatic credentials can be a “license to kill” or steal or smuggle, and that some countries are not very particular about who they appoint as diplomats. However, until the world is a peaceful, united community, and no nation has anything to hide or fear from its neighbors, diplomatic immunity is unavoidable

2. Who is eligible

Exactly who is eligible for immunity is a question that has no concrete, immutable answer. The United States often grants immunity to those who are not entitled to it, while others, who are legally entitled to immunity, are omitted from the State Department’s “Blue Book”, the guide that lists ambassadors accredited to the US. However, when a question of immunity arises, it is often found more expedient and productive to err on the side of generosity, rather than creating a potentially embarrassing incident.

The New York City Police Department’s “Patrol Guide” defines diplomats as “members of foreign missions, delegations, embassies, and legations to the United Nations and to the United States, and their families and staff”. Not only does the book warn that “diplomats shall not be arrested or personally served with a summons”, but those they are not to be detained in any way, and that “uniformed members of the service will extend every courtesy and consideration to them”.

High-ranking ambassadors, the individuals mentioned in Article 31 of the Vienna Convention, have the broadest level of immunity conferred upon them. Article 31 grants immunity to the ambassador, his children, and spouse.

In some countries, immunity is even granted to brothers, sisters, and parents if they live with the ambassador. This group is completely insulated from all prosecution and civil suits of any kind. This group, quite literally, is completely above the law.

3. Diplomatic Perks

If any occupation can be said to offer fringe benefits, it is that of diplomat. What other occupation could possibly confer so much status, power, privilege, contacts, and money, while requiring the employee to do so little?

It is a very enviable position, certainly, and is widely known to be so. Moreover, while immunity is probably the most well known benefit of diplomatic status, it is by no means, the only one.

Diplomats are issued license plates that immediately identify their special position, and label them as “untouchables” to the local police department.

Policemen will usually not even bother to pull a car over that has CD or DPL plates, or even issue a parking ticket if the car is parked in the middle or a busy street. He knows the diplomat will simply ignore the ticket, so why bother.

Diplomats frequently ignore the laws of their host country completely, and live according to their own personal laws. They import anything they wish, since they are immune from import duties, and their luggage is not opened anyway.

When applying for credit cards, or signing any other kind of application, they often omit “diplomat” as occupation, choosing instead something like “international political consultant”, since these companies have learned by experience that ambassadors have only to refuse to pay debts, and there is little they can do to collect.

Diplomats also use their credentials to avoid sales tax, which they are exempt from, a not inconsequential matter when buying houses, cars, or other big-ticket items.

In addition, much, much more……. 

4. The Diplomatic Pouch

The diplomatic pouch is the bag diplomats use to guarantee safe and confidential transport of sensitive documents, items for official use by an embassy, consulate, or mission, and items for personal use by the diplomat himself. According to the Vienna Convention, these bags are inviolable.

Although there is no strictly enforced limit to the size or weight of a diplomatic “pouch”, it is generally thought to be less than 500 pounds.

In 1984, the then Soviet Union tried to drive a 9-ton tractor-trailer into Switzerland, declaring it a diplomatic pouch. Swiss officials could not open the truck after this declaration, but refused to permit entry until the truck’s contents were listed. Russians then drove to Germany where they received the same demand. So Russian officials had the drivers go to the back of the truck, and twenty minutes later, they emerged. When the truck was opened, it contained 207 individually wrapped diplomatic pouches instead of one large one, and the customs agents had no choice but to honor these bags. 

5. Obtaining Diplomatic Status

It is little wonder that countries and non-governmental bodies will grant you diplomatic status, and therefore, immunity, if you can provide a useful service for them. Sometimes this “useful service” is as simple as giving the right amount of money to the right people.

The following organizations can arrange diplomatic appointments for individuals with clean criminal records, and who would prove useful to a country’s diplomatic service.

  • SDG – Undoubtedly the best arranger of diplomatic appointments in the world. Prices range from USD 50.000 to USD 5.000.000 and they can have you made an ambassador to or from any major country with complete immunity.
  • The Holy See of Antioch is a religious organization, much like the Vatican, and has ambassadors and representatives all over the world. Besides embassies in over a dozen countries, the Holy See has permanent observes at the UN, the International Court of Justice at the Hague, the Commonwealth of Nations, and has petitioned for a seat in the European Parliament. Diplomatic appointments from this organization are as valuable as receiving them from a country, but they are available here for a fraction of the cost. If you want to represent them in major city, you can become a Consul-General, Consul or Vice-Consul, which are needed everywhere. The promised donation from USD 10.000.
  • The Sovereign Military Order of Malta (SMOM) is a not a country, per se, but is recognized as sovereign by much of the world. They have ambassadors and representatives worldwide, and will supply you with a diplomatic passport for only USD10.000
    Who from you knows how many people have exclusive personal access to the remote Scottish mountain estates and a title in addition?

    “South Angus Survival” Company in 1994 has 12 acres of the most beautiful ground in Argyll, known as “The Laird's Retreat” (“The Refuge of landowners”).

    This site is located on a slope of mountain, on a coast of very beautiful lake. Access and use of this ground is authorized only “Lairds of Camster” (it means to people having this title) is completely free, after purchase of a souvenir site of the ground of the Scottish mountain estate in Camster, Caithness.

    The option of purchase of the additional area of this ground can be used with the help of “South Angus Survival”. We hope that with your support, the company can expand “The Laird's Retreat”, operating from your name, using him now and in the future for you and your successors.

    The map of a site of your site of the ground and the instruction of access are given only for “Lairds of Camster”, - only to owners and their visitors who have legal access into “The Laird's Retreat”.

    Each of owners should care of the safety, belonging to him, a site in Scottish mountain estate Camster. These sites should be kept in their natural condition.

    Details about your site of the Scottish ground and the Title.

    Your souvenir site of the ground in the size of 1 sq. ft (30см х 30см) is located in historical high-mountainous area of Scotland - Country of Caithness - The Camster Burn area of Caithness.

    Well-known “Grey Cairns of Camster” is near to this estate and exists more than 4500 years.

    This area - one of the oldest areas of Britain where, from times of the Stone Age, buried the first Scottish leaders.

    Many various places in Scotland refer to Caithness, however, the ambassador, rendered further huge influence, intrusions of Vikings into Britain, names of such places as Lybster, Scrabster, Keiss, Feswich and others were changed. Vikings have won the most part of the British ground; have constructed many settlements and colonies that then were used for the subsequent attacks on the nearby grounds..

    The Small information from a history.

    The person, whom has signed the peace treaty recognizing independence of USA, came Caithness. Richard Oswald from Dunnet, Caithness, in 18th century was a successful London merchant. Having married, he has got extensive estates in America and on islands West Indies. After that, he became the diplomat and has signed the Peace Treaty from USA on the part of Britain. On the part of America, the Peace Treaty has signed by Benjamin Franklin…

    The Counties of Caithness and Sutherland have strongly suffered in time of “Clearing of mountain estates”, spent by Englishmen in 1745, after revolt of leaders of the Scottish clans.

    The Scottish leaders realized that they have very low chances of a victory in difficult struggle against Englishmen. However, once, the leader of one of clans has called the soldiers to act on struggle against Englishmen, not regretting forces and blood. His army has entered struggle against the English armies and has won battle... The Basic occupation of Scots was, and is on present time, - sheep’s cultivation. Moreover, on a legend, the leader of the clan that has gained fight with Englishmen, after a victory, has begun to count: how many sheep’s he can mouthed on the won free hills and plains.

    The great Scottish prophet has told: “Mo thruaighe ort a thir, tha'n caoraich mhor a'teachd!” - To mountain to you, the Earth, Great Sheep comes!

    He used chance!!!

    Use also you unique chance in life for you and your successors to own a part of a history of Scotland and legally to carry a title “Highland Laird of Camster”.

    To each acquired site of the ground, the document on possession “Land Title Dead” and a map of Caithness where the site of your site is specified, personal number and instructions of access is applied.

    Legally and correctly made out “Land Title Dead” – “The Document of the land Owner”, under the Scottish laws and customs, entitles the owner to use a title “Laird”, making huge impression on associates.

    The Earth and a title are transferred from generation to generation, constantly reminding owners that they own a small slice of a history of Scotland.

    Our Company has an opportunity to offer you the limited quantity of sites of the ground with an opportunity legal use of a title “Laird of Camster”.

    For this purpose simply it is necessary for you to specify the data and the address in the mentioned below small questionnaire to pay to us one-time fee at a rate of US$ 499 any way convenient to you and to send this questionnaire with the instruction of the form of payment to us to the address:

    During 45 working days, we with the help of company South Angus Survival shall issue necessary documents for your name and we shall send you to the address specified by you.



    Non-traditional Degree

    Trinity College and University offers a non-traditional “University of Life” approach to granting degrees. In the past decade a new tool has been added that can help you determine the limits of your earning potential and free you from the constraints of the State’s educational monopoly – THE NON-TRADITIONAL DEGREE or it’s provider the DIPLOMA MILL.

    The following list has the traditional and very acceptable reasons for seeking a first, second or additional degree:

    • To obtain a promotion
    • To be more proficient at work and career
    • To obtain a better job, advancement or change professions
    • To get qualifications required by certain positions in today’s business world
    • Because you have no school qualifications
    • Because you missed out on early education, dropped out of school
    • To get a title (i.e. Doctor, Dr.)
    • To follow a particular interest

    Vista International as agent of Expat Work has done it’s homework and come to the conclusion that non-traditional universities and degrees do have a useful purpose and are LEGITIMATE in their purpose and LEGAL under law in many venues. This decision to give non-traditional universities, and the degrees they confer, a second look was brought on by an and we saw:


    How much are you worth on today’s job market?

    Would a university degree help you career prospects and strengthen your C.V.?
    Earn a Bachelor’r, Masters or Doctorate by utilizing previous studies plus life/work achievements.

    Please, forward you C.V. for a free evaluation and advice to Trinity College…

    It is becoming increasingly common for job specifications to state that a Degree is a requirement. It is also a fact that having a degree enhances the holder’s chance of attaining an interview. It is also common that many people have a working life, full of experience but have little or no formal qualifications.

    Many people have operated at a level of expertise far in excess of their paper qualifications but are unable to obtain interviews when seeking new position because the right qualifications do not appear on their CV. The arrival of “selection by computer”, where CV’s are surveyed electronically and only those containing the acceptable “buzz words” are passed through to the final human selection, makes the necessity of having the right qualifications of increasing importance.

    Don’t get the wrong idea!!! It should be said that no-one is trying to especially in an Engineering subject or indeed any other subject for that matter, but may employers and agencies often fail to adequately answer the question as to why a degree qualification is preferable to a lifetime of experience in many subjects. Clearly there are subjects where a formal degree qualification is a pre-cursor to the practice of a particular profession. The Medical profession is probably the immediate example and Trinity doesn’t issue such degrees. 

    If you have any questions please 
    Contact US
     International Driving Licences
    Recognized in over 180 countries

    No current Drivers License documentation needed

    Whether you need an International Drivers License to replace, support, or identify you as having, a driver license, this International Drivers License, issued by a licensed, legal provider is your ticket. Based upon the United Nations “Convention of International Road Traffic of September 1949” this International Drivers License is recognized in over 180 countries.

    The International Drivers License has a validity of 4 years and then can be re-issued.
    Besides the obvious reasons pointed out previously for getting an International Drivers License, maybe should point out that for those PTs (Preparing Thoroughly) and EWs (Earth Wanderer’s) this document can be used in building your “wallet” of alternative ID, since no documentation is needed when applying for the International Drivers License. Need we say more.


    This can be the easiest thing you have ever done in this line. Just send to
    Drummond & Co, 16 High Street, Chard, Somerset TA20 1QB for an application form

    You will neeed to complete the form send it with a cheque or money order for US$ 385 along with two passport size photos.

    If there is a need for courier or FEDEX/UPS delivery there will be an additional charge of USD $ 100.00; for USA and Canada – US$ 125.

    Delivery time is approximately 30 days from receiving order.

    The American’s Bulletin Official International Press Card ID


    learn how to travel on a shoestring budget and be treated like a VIP everywhere!

    How would you like to have a pass you could flash in a restaurant, hotel, or at an important event and suddenly you are treated like a VIP? You are ushered to the best table, you are given the best room, and you are upgraded to first class… You have seen this happen… Perhaps it has happened to you once or twice. Remember how good it felt to receive that special treatment, to get that good deal… OK, what if you could obtain that treatment all the time?… All you need is a PRESS PASS!


    The American’s Bulletin News Bureau, an American nation–wide tabloid, issues this very impressive Press Pass. The freelance holder of an American’s Bulletin Press Pass is authorized to investigate and report on all newsworthy events, incidents and matters. This Press Pass may also be used for identification purposes. Should it ever become necessary, the phone number of the American’s Bulletin be imprinted on the reverse side for any interested party to verify your credentials. The Editor–in–Chief, Mr. Robert Kelly signs the Press Pass.

    “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press.”

    Think of the possibilities. As an official Press Correspondent, you will be able to attend many newsworthy events and report on them. If you have ever dreamed of being a Press Correspondent, here is your chance but hurry!

    With a Press Pass you never have to pay to enter an exhibition, concert or trade fair worldwide. Did you know that in Press Office lounges at trade fairs and exhibitions, they provide free refreshments and often the use of telephones and faxes to members of the press? No car parking fees or entry queues! You are a VIP!

    You get free entry to concerts and sporting events. Hotels and resorts often provide you with free accommodation. A genuine accredited Press Pass will open many doors and provide many advantages to you as a traveler or even at home.

    Have you ever been on an aircraft just before take–off and seen a flight attendant come up to a passenger in Economy then escort him or her up to First? There has been an upgrade. Do you think to yourself…? “How did that happen? Why wasn’t I picked?”

    Have you ever been to a function and found yourself in a long slow–moving queue waiting to pay for your ticket? While waiting you notice a few other people who look just like you — but not dressed as well — are ushered in through a VIP entrance. No waiting and no entrance fee!

    Ever found yourself unable to get a seat on a plane when it was fully booked? You knew you were first on the wait–list, only to find someone go to the desk and receive a priority position. They got on the plane while you missed out and had to wait for the next flight. You think, “What’s he got that I haven’t to receive this treatment?” The answer to your question is simple! All those lucky VIPs probably hold Press Passes.

    The American’s Bulletin Press Pass is valid for a full five years, and includes:

  • The American’s Bulletin Official Investigative Reporter Press Card ID (as shown above).
  • ID Collar Clip.
  • A one year subscription to The American’s Bulletin (12 issues).
  • One Official Press cap.
  • What we need from you to fulfill your order:

  • Two color passport size photos plus the following I.D. information for the official records of the American’s Bulletin:
  • Your first and last name (no middle name!) and mailing address.
  • Place and date of birth (month/day/year).
  • Height (Cm).
  • Weight (Kg).
  • Hair color.
  • Eye color.
  • Our fee of USD 550.
  • Delivery Time: 3 - 5 weeks.
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    UFO Insurance
    Don’t leave Earth without it!”

    Our Company has found a 10 million dollar UFO Abduction Insurance policy that covers the policyholder that is kidnapped by creatures from another world. It is the only insurance we know of that offers protection from alien life forms. Think we are kidding? Not. The UFO Abduction Insurance Company of Altamonte Springs, Florida, directed by Michael Saint Lawrence has sold more than 45.000 policies to Earth-wide believers in visitors from the heavens.

    Mike got started in UFO (Unidentified Flying Objects) insurance in 1987 when after carefully reviewing his homeowner’s policy he discovered like most other earthlings he was not covered. He then lured a group of Japanese investors into his scheme led by the innovator of the Japanese junk bond, Dr. Yu F. Oh and the rest was, as they say on Wall Street, history.

    Mike got a considerable jump on the market when he called in to the Larry King Live Show (a USA and CNN worldwide call-in talk show) and sold a policy to King’s guest that night, Hollywood actress and psychic devotee Shirley MacLaine. Other celebrities, including Johnny Carson and another 45.000 mere mortals have since bought the policy.

    The famous Lloyds of London insurance firm ordered 36 policies. A Las Vegas insurance firm ordered 53 policies. Hollywood producers of the television series War of the Worlds bought policies to their staff. Airline pilots (who report many of the observations of UFO’s) from Australia to Zambia have ordered policies. Mike has received “congratulations” from former Florida Insurance Commissioner Bill Gunter “on a most innovative approach to insurance”.

    The Policy Terms and Conditions

    The UFO abduction insurance policy pays US$ 10 millions if you can prove a UFO has abducted you and offers double indemnity insurance if the aliens refuse to practice safe sex, produces offspring or “the aliens refer to the abductee as a nutritional food source”.

    For policy payout, an abductee needs a high standard of proof – to discourage fraudulent claims from, demented, wacko or UFO chasing individuals.

    The abductee is required to document the date of abduction, the mileage traveled, and the license number of the alien vehicle and to obtain the signature of an “authorized alien”.

    To be eligible for UFO abduction insurance you must answer three questions:

    • Do you have a sense of humor?
    • Do you take this insurance cover seriously?
    • Were your parents related before they got married?

    If you answer “Yes” to more than one question, you are not eligible for the coverage.

    Upon answering the questions correctly and payment of a one-time, lifetime premium of US$ 59.95, the policyholder receives an official-looking numbered policy, suitable for framing, bearing the name of the insured as well as the beneficiary. Also included with the policy are a Frequent Flyer Endorsement and a claim form that requires the signature of the “authorized alien”.

    The policies are many times bought as a gift for that someone special or given to friends, bosses or business associates. Mike Saint Lawrence says that: “The policy always raises a laugh and in today’s world, people are happy to give someone the chance to laugh for only US$ 59.95”.

    All products and application forms on this page available from:
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