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England 1966
Alf Ramsey Caricature1966: Football glory for England
England have won football's World Cup for the first time since the tournament began in 1930.
A crowd of 93,000 spectators - including the Queen and Prince Phillip - filled London's Wembley Stadium to watch the host nation play West Germany in the final game of the 1966 championships.
Another 400 million people around the world watched the keenly fought match on television.
In the final moments of extra time Geoff Hurst powered home his third goal to give England a 4-2 victory and to become the first man ever to score a hat-trick in a World Cup final.
After Germany had taken an early lead, Hurst levelled the score for England by half time with a header from a free kick taken by captain Bobby Moore.

Victory in sight
England came out with courage and determination after the break and glimpsed glory thirteen minutes from time as Martin Peters took their second goal.
But a free kick to Germany 15 seconds from full time gave Wolfgang Weber a close-range shot into Gordon Banks' goal and took the score to 2-2. 
In the crucial minutes before the decisive half hour of extra time England manager Alf Ramsey was heard to rally his team, saying: "All right. You let it slip. Now start again."

A dubious goal by Hurst - glanced off the line by Weber and only given after consultation between the Swiss referee and Soviet linesman - put England ahead in the last 15 minutes, before the striker's third goal put the game out of Germany's reach.

Bobby Moore went up to the royal box to collect the solid gold Jules Rimet trophy from Queen Elizabeth.

In the largest World Cup ever - numbering 70 countries - England were among the favourites and got as far as the semi-final, against newcomers Portugal, before conceding a goal.
 Geoff Hurst's second goal and the decision of referee Gottfried Dienst have continued to be controversial.

But photographic technology has so far been unable to offer decisive evidence about whether or not the ball crossed the goal-line and Hurst remains the only player to score a hat-trick in the World Cup finals.
England have failed to reach the World Cup final since 1966 and did not even qualify for the last rounds of the tournament in the US in 1994.

Sidney Bathgate
This page has been prepared by the Sid Bathgate Appreciation Society. In memory of a real footballer. Sidney Bathgate was born on 20th December 1919 in Aberdeen. Served in the RAF during the Second World War. Career History - Chelsea Football Club, Hamilton Academicals, Parkvale, Huntly, Keith, Elgin City, and Deveronvale. Married with 3 sons & 2 daughters. Retired from Football 1958. Passed Away: Age 43 in 1963. He played 147 games for Chelsea between 1946-53. A hard tackling fullback who epitomises all those journeyman footballers who graced the game.  When we started this column we were contacted by his grandaughter who was delighted that her grandpop was thus remembered as our man to represent football.
Chelsea Programme
 From:   Aymee Jo Charlton
 Just found out my great great uncle was Sid Bathgate and played for Chelsea FC. Will be showing this page to my Grandad as he will find it very interesting. thanks.

From : Simon Graham
Just found this page. Sid Bathgate was my grandfather (mum's dad). I have many old memorabilia and this will be a page I will add to that. Many Thanks.

  Michael Essien CaricatureThe Michael Essien Foundation

In December 2009, Michael Essien launched the Michael Essien Foundation (MEF) in Accra. The goal of the foundation is to provide basic necessities and medical care for underprivileged youths in Ghana. In July 2010, Essien was appointed as a peace ambassador by the African Union (AU). We ask our readers to donate to Michael's Foundation. Although known as "The Bison" until now. We are renaming him "The Chelsea Tractor" after Leonardo stated that he was like a "4X4" and could play anywhere with effect. Do give.
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You don't see this sort of thing down on Hackney Marshes on a Sunday morning.

Bristols & Bums
Streaker Hall of Shame
The Beautiful English Game 
Soccer Boobs
as the great Jimmy Greaves used to say, and possibly still does. Jimmy Greaves remains England’s third highest goalscorer and a much loved football personality. The phenomenal striker graced the game from 1957 to 1979, most famously playing for Chelsea, AC Milan and Tottenham Hotspur. Arguably the most consistent striker in English football history, Greaves still retains the record of finishing top league goalscorer in six seasons; a record that has never been matched. At Spurs Greaves won the FA Cup twice and also the European Cup Winners’ Cup ensuring Tottenham as the first British team to win a European trophy and cementing his place in the clubs history as one of their greatest ever players. For England Greaves holds an exceptional scoring ratio – 44 goals in 57 games. Greaves was part of the 1966 World Cup squad but due to injury was replaced by Geoff Hurst who infamously scored a hat trick in the final. After short spells at West Ham and Barnet, Greaves enjoyed a successful post-playing career. He became a popular television presenter and pundit, striking up a memorable partnership with Ian St. John. Together they hosted the popular lunch time show called Saint and Greavsie. Greaves has sinced toured the country as an admired and in-demand after dinner speaker. Currently Greaves is doing a theatre tour telling his stories and hilarious anecdotes, along with guest speakers.


He has given all for his club and country.  He embraces the Bulldog Spirit and is perhaps the Greatest Central Defender in The World.  He was cleared of any crime in a British Court of Law.  So the English FA try and punish him to pacify a vociferace minority  of politically correct people who aren't fit enough to lick his boots.  Well John we do not agree with the 3 words you are alleged to have uttered to a journeyman QPR player*  last year but we do agree that if a court of law has found you "not guilty"- then some administrative tribunal has no right to overrule that Court of Law.  You have a case against your accusers and the English F.A.  Under the Protection From Harassment Act 1997 you may claim damages from them and under section 2 of that Act those responsible may face up to 6 months inprisonment and/or a Class V fine.
The FA were also under fire from the Terry camp after it emerged that they changed Regulation 7.3 in the summer to lower the burden of proof in misconduct cases.   According to the rules for the 2011-12 season — the period when Terry made the racial insult — the more serious the accusation, the higher the standard of proof required to secure a result.
The FA amended the rule and simplified it to ‘civil balance of probabilities’, but the commission accepted Terry’s argument that the case should be heard on the rules in place at the time of the insult. The commission, comprising barrister Craig Moore ( Leeds), Stuart Ripley(Manchester) and Maurice Armstrong (Huntingdon), ruled that Terry used the words ‘f****** black c***’ as an insult. They did rule that Terry is not a racist. The main problem is that there has always been different interpretations about insults. It is presumed that rude language used by a workman on say a building site is different to that of a professional man like a doctor. What Terry said may be heard every day in the cafes around the Bush.  But John Terry is a guy that usually talks with his boots not a medical practitioner. The words used on radio and television to-day would have made our grandparents turn in their grave. If the media allow such words. He attended
Eastbury Comprehensive School in Barking,  not a law degree at the University of London  .

 *In October 2006, Anton Ferdinand was arrested on assault charges following a fracas outside a nightclub in Ilford. He was charged in November 2006.  He appeared at Snaresbrook Crown Court on 12 November 2007 charged with assault occasioning actual bodily harm and affray, arising from this incident. It was alleged that Ferdinand had punched Emile Walker. In his defence, Ferdinand said he had feared he was going to be robbed of his £64,000 watch and was defending himself.  On 20 November 2007, Ferdinand was acquitted as the jury accepted he was acting in self-defence. In March 2007 it was revealed that Ferdinand had been fined two weeks' wages (estimated at £45,000) for lying about his whereabouts. Ferdinand told West Ham United he needed to go to the Isle of Wight to visit his grandmother when in fact, he went to South Carolina to celebrate his 22nd birthday


The Scottish Premier League side won a case at the Court of Session , with a judge ruling the Scottish FA had no power to impose a signing ban on the club for bringing the game into disrepute. A statement from FIFA read: "At the time of writing we have not received any communication from the Scottish FA. "In such a case, FIFA will ask the Member Association to take action so that the club withdraws its request from the ordinary courts. "As a general rule, in case a club is seeking redress in front of ordinary court, as mentioned above the Member Association shall take direct action in order to safeguard the principle laid down in art. 64 par. 2 of FIFA Statutes, which shall be, in view of art. 64 par. 3 incorporated in the Member Associations’ Statutes. "FIFA will closely monitor the situation so that the issue is resolved as fast as possible." Rangers' case will now be referred back to the original appeal tribunal, which has been ordered to operate within the framework which exists. Rule 66 allows for a maximum fine of £100,000 to be imposed, as well as ejection from the Scottish Cup, a suspension, expulsion from participation in the game and/or termination of SFA membership. Such rules are illegal by common law.
Isn't it time that these quasi-judicial administrative  authorities & tribunals learnt that there is a rule of law. If they fail to abide by that rule of law and the human rights available to every citizen then they should be hauled in front of the Courts of Human Rights and be dealt with. Blatter and his cohorts are subject to that law, as we all are

Streaker Hall of Shame

The Richest Football Clubs
Jose Mourinho CaricatureReal Madrid have become the first sports team in the world to generate annual revenue in excess of 400 million euros (362 million pounds, 543 million dollars), according to figures compiled by accountancy firm Deloitte.

The latest edition of the Deloitte Football Money League published on Tuesday also shows Spanish giants Real as the world’s largest revenue generating football club, for the fifth consecutive year.

Real’s broadcast income of 161 million euros was greater than the total revenue of all but the top ten clubs in the Deloitte table.

Their arch domestic rivals Barcelona moved up into second place, primarily as a result of winning last year’s Champions League final while Barca’s beaten opponents Manchester United dropped down into third position, partly as a result of sterling’s depreciation against the Euro.

Although the Premier League saw Portsmouth enter administration last week, and doubts persist over the huge debts being carried by United, who recently launched a 500 million pounds bond issue scheme, seven English clubs feature in Deloitte’s top 20 with Arsenal moving up into fifth place.

Figures in the report showed the world’s most financially successful football clubs had managed to weather problems caused by the global economic downturn.

Overall revenues for the top 20 clubs increased in 2008/09 and were over 3.9 billion euros, as, the report said “top clubs showed relative resistance to the economic downturn”.

Dan Jones, partner in Deloitte’s sport business group, said: “Real Madrid’s 10 percent increase in revenue to 401 million euros (342 million pounds) came despite a relatively disappointing season domestically and in Europe.

“Broadcast income provided Real with its largest increase in revenue, and at 161 million euros (137 million pounds) is now greater than the total revenue of all but the top ten Money League clubs.

“Barcelona’s unprecedented on-pitch success, winning a domestic double and the Champions League, helped drive a revenue increase by 57 million euros, the largest absolute increase of any Money League club, to 366 million euros.

“This resulted in a Spanish one-two at the top of the Money League as, like in Rome last May, Barcelona proved just too strong for Manchester United. United slip to third and, like other English clubs, were impacted by the continuing depreciation of the Pound Sterling against the Euro.
“The scale of this is shown by the fact that if exchange rates remained at their June 2007 level, United would be top of the Money League table.”

Chelsea, Liverpool, Tottenham Hotspur, Manchester City and Newcastle, despite being in the second-tier Championship, were the other English clubs in the top 20.

UEFA chief Michel Platini has repeatedly hit out at ‘financial doping’ of clubs, in moves seen as thinly veiled attacks on the financial structure of several leading English teams.

But Jones said: “Whilst there has been much recent comment on the finances of English football clubs, we believe the fundamentals of football remain strong.

“Financial problems experienced at the very highest level are far more likely to be a result of mismanagement, weak cost control or a lack of available credit than any problems with revenue generation.”

All of the ‘big five’ European leagues featured in the list with Germany contributing five clubs, Italy four, and France and Spain represented by two teams each.

Deloitte Football Money League 2010
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  I Never felt more like Singing The Blues
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                          Governments Director of Communications And
                          Strategy, Mr Alastair Campbell. Sylvester Stallone (PA)
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 Tom Hanks for Villa- He Joins Prince William & David Cameron in the
 Villa Fans Hall of Fame
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Burnley Hall of Fame
Steve Redgrave Supports Chelsea-
The Showbizs team since George Robey Played for them.
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Delia Smith (PA) Alf Garnett
 Ricky Hatton is a Manchester City Fan.See Others
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Russel Crowe Supporting Leeds United Delia Smith at Norwich other celebrity supporters there include Stephen Fry, David Frost and Prince Edward.  Common You Hammers
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Adrian Chiles &Frank Skinner Support The Baggies  Ant and Dec with Alan Shearer (PA),0.jpg
Natasha Kaplinsky is one of the Many Spurs Celeb Fans

Ulrika Jonsson
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Arsenal FC Caricatures The Gunners arsenal home kit 2010-11 Arsenal
60,000 Arsenal - Emirates Stadium,
Ashburton Grove, ,London. N5 1BU
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Alex McLeish Caricature The Villans aston villa 2010-11 home kit Villa Park
Aston Villa 43,000 Aston Villa - Villa Park
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Chelsea FC
Chelsea F.C.
Roberto Di Matteo

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 Chelsea Caricatures The Blues chelsea 2010-11 Stamford Bridge
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Chelsea - Stamford Bridge
Fulham Road, London. SW16 1HS
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Everton FC
Everton F.C.
 David Moyes
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David Moyes
The Toffees everton 2010-11 home kit Goodison Park
Everton 40,170 Everton - Goodison Park
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Fulham F.C.
  Martin Jol
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Martin Jol Caricature The Cottagers fulham 2010-11 home kit Craven Cottage
Fulham 19,250 Fulham - Craven Cottage
Stevenage Road, Fulham, London. SW6 6HH
Main Telephone No: 0870 442 1222
Fax No: 0207 384 4715
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Liverpool FC
Liverpool F.C.
Brendan Rodgers
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Liverpool FC Caricatures  The Reds liverpool 2010-11 Anfield
Liverpool 45,400 Liverpool - Anfield
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Manchester City FC
Manchester City F.C.
Roberto Mancini
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Man City Caricatures Blues manchester city 2010-11 home kit City of Manchester Stadium
Manchester City 48,500 Manchester City - City of Manchester Stadium
SportCity, Manchester. M11 3FF
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Manchester United Football
Manchester United F.C.
Manager: Sir Alec Ferguson
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                          United Caricatures The Red Devils manchester united 2010-11 home kit  Old Trafford Manchester Utd 67,500 Manchester Utd - Old Trafford
Sir Matt Busby Way, Old Trafford, Manchester. M16 0RA
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Newcastle United FC
  Newcastle United
Alan Pardew
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 Newcastle United Caricatures The Magpies newcastle united 2010-11 home kit St James Park
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Norwich Manager:

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Paul Lambert Caricature The Canaries norwich city 2010-12 Norwich City 26,034  Carrow Road
Carrow Road, Norwich, NR1 1JE
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Fax No: 01603 613 886
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 Norwich City

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Queens Park Rangers
Queens Park Rangers F.C
Manager: Mark Hughes

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                          Hughes The Superhoops qpr 2010-11 Queens Park Rangers 19,10   Loftus Road Stadium
South Africa Road, London, W12 7PA
Main Telephone No: 020 8743 0262
Ticket Office: 08444 777 007
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Queens Park Rangers


Reading F C

Brian McDermott

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Brian Mcdermott
The Royals
reading fc 2010-11 home kit Madejski Stadium Reading 24,200
  Madejski Stadium
 Bennett Road, Reading, RG2 0FL
Main Telephone No: 0118 968 1100
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Ticket Office: 0870 999 1871
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Stoke City
Tony Pulis
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Tony Pullis
The Potters
stoke city 2010-11 Britannia Stadium
Stoke City


Stoke City - The Britannia Stadium             
Stanley Matthews Way, Stoke On Trent, ST44EG
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Nigel Adkins

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SO14 5FP
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  Martin O'Neil
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The Black Cats sunderland 2010-11 home kit Stadium of Light
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0871 911 1200
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City F C
 Michael Laudrup
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Michael Laudrup The Swans or Jacks swansea city 2010-11 home kit Swansea City 20,500   Liberty Stadium
 Morfa, Swansea, SA1 2FA
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Swansea City


Tottenham Hotspur
Andre Villas Boas

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Spurs Caricatures The Spurs tottenham hotspur 2010-11 home kit White Hart Lane Tottenham Hotspur 36,200 Tottenham Hotspur - White Hart Lane
Bill Nicholson Way, 748 High Road, London, Middlesex. N17 0AP
Main Telephone No: 0844 499 5000
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0844 844 0102
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West Bromwich Albion
 Steve Clark
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Steve Clark The Baggies west bromwich albion 2010-11 home kit The
West Bromwich Albion 28,003  Halfords Lane, West Bromwich, West Midlands, B71 4LF
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0871 271 1100
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West Ham United
West Ham United
Sam Alladyce

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The Hammers
west ham united 2010-11 home kit Upton Park
30,056 West Ham Utd - Upton Park
 , Green Street, London. E13 9AZ
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Wigan Athletic FC
Wigan Athletic F.C.
Roberto Martinez
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 Roberto Martinez Caricature Latics wigan athletic 2010-11 home kit JJB
Wigan Athletic 25,000 Wigan Athletic - JJB Stadium
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Premier Girls 2
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LEST WE FORGET.........................................
unveiled October 1st 2010

Peter Osgood

A fitting tribute to the great Peter Osgood took place Friday evening, culminating with the unveiling of sculptor Philip Jackson’s 9-foot statue of the Chelsea legend outside the West Stand. This private ceremony – the statue will be open to the public on Saturday – was superb, featuring appearances by Ray Wilkins, Frank Lampard, John Terry, Bobby Tambing and Roy Bentley.

Peter’s widow Lynn was also in attendance, and had this to say: “Peter would have been so proud. He adored Chelsea just as his fans adored him and there can be no greater recognition than to have his magnificent statue here, outside Stamford Bridge. I just hope that wherever he is he is able to appreciate the amount of love and affection shown to him, as the tributes paid to him from the Chelsea fans have been wonderful.” A statue of the members of
                                  England's 1966 soccer World Cup
                                  winning team was unveiled by Britain's
                                  Prince Andrew The image
                                  cannot be displayed, because it
                                  contains errors. The image
                                  cannot be displayed, because it
                                  contains errors.
Gordon Banks - Stoke City
Martin Peters, Geoff Bobby Moore & Ray Wilson - West Ham United
Stan Cullis - Wolverhampton Wanderers
David Beckham in Thailand
Manchester United BillyWrightStatue.jpg File:Dixie Dean Monument.jpg File:DuncanEdwards1.jpg
Brian Clough - Nottingham
Billy Wright - Wolverhampton Wanderers
Dixie Dean - Everton
Duncan Edwards - Dudley
 (Manchester United)

Statue of Bill Shankly File:Alf Ramsey Statue.jpg Sir Bobby Charlton (bottom right)
                                  and Denis Law (bottom 2nd right)
                                  watched by Manchester United manager
                                  Sir Alex Ferguson Statue of Sir Bobby Robson by
Bill Shankly - Liverpool
Sir Alf Ramsey - Ipswich
George Best, Denis Law & Bobby Charlton - Manchester United
Sir Bobby Robson - Ipswich Leeds United F.C. Stadium: Billy
                                  Bremner Statue The Splash. Matt Busby statue
Sir Stanley Matthews Stoke, Hanley & Blackpool
Billy Bremner Leeds
Tom Finney - Preston
Sir Matt Busby - Manchester United

The image
                                  cannot be displayed, because it
                                  contains errors. Footballer Milburn statue Emlyn Hughes statue
Bobby Moore.Wembley
Jackie Milburn -Newcastle
Emlyn Hughes- Barrow ( Liverpool)
Johnny Haynes - Fulham

English Football Hall of Fame inductees

The National Football Museum is a museum in Preston, Lancashire, England, founded to preserve, conserve and interpret several important collections of Association Football memorabilia. It was built outside Deepdale as the stadium is, as of 2008, the oldest continuously used football league ground in the world. The trustees have voted to move the museum to the Urbis exhibition centre in Manchester, with Preston becoming a secondary site. However, this depends on funding from Manchester City Council and the North West Development Agency. The FA, however, are reported to be committed to spending around £10million on a state-of-the-art museum at Wembley by 2011. Its president is Manchester United legend Sir Bobby Charlton.  English Football Hall of Fame  is housed at the museum
Tony Adams  Liam Brady Stan Cullis Alan Hansen Tommy Lawton Bill Nicholson  Bill Shankly Ian Wright
Viv Anderson Billy Bremner Kenny Dalglish Johnny Haynes Gary Lineker Bob Paisley Alan Shearer Gianfranco Zola
Alan Ball, Jr. Matt Busby Dixie Dean Glenn Hoddle Nat Lofthouse Lily Parr Peter Shilton
Debbie Bampton Eric Cantona Peter Doherty Mark Hughes Sue Lopez Martin Peters Graeme Souness
Gordon Banks Philip Carter Duncan Edwards Roger Hunt Dave Mackay  Hope Powell Marieanne Spacey
John Barnes Herbert Chapman Alex Ferguson Geoff Hurst Frank McLintock Niall Quinn Nobby Stiles
Cliff Bastin John Charles Tom Finney Alex James Wilf Mannion Alf Ramsey Bert Trautmann
Colin Bell Bobby Charlton Paul Gascoigne Pat Jennings Stanley Matthews Don Revie Karen Walker
Dennis Bergkamp Jack Charlton Ryan Giggs Roy Keane Billy Meredith Bobby Robson Arsθne Wenger
George Best Brian Clough Dario Gradi Kevin Keegan Jackie Milburn Bryan Robson Arthur Wharton
Danny Blanchflower Pauline Cope Jimmy Greaves Howard Kendall Bobby Moore Ian Rush Walter Winterbottom
Sepp Blatter Gillian Coultard Ron Greenwood Denis Law Stan Mortensen Peter Schmeichel Billy Wright 
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Football Writers' Association Footballer of the Year

George Best CaricatureFootball Writers' Association Footballer of the Year (often called the FWA Footballer of the Year, or in England simply the Footballer of the Year) is an annual award given to the player who is adjudged to have been the best of the season in English football. The award has been presented since the 1947–48 season, when the inaugural winner was Blackpool winger Stanley Matthews. The latest winner of the award as of 2008-09 is Steven Gerrard of Liverpool. Eight players have won the award on more than one occasion, the most recent being Cristiano Ronaldo, who won his second award in the 2007–08 season.

The winner is selected by a vote amongst the members of the Football Writers' Association (FWA), which comprises around 400 football journalists based throughout England. The award was instigated at the suggestion of Charles Buchan, a former professional footballer turned journalist and one of the Association's founders. The change in English Football is shown in that until 194-5 Only two footballers from outside the UK & Eire had won. Since then 11 European Footballers have won and only 4 from the UK & Eire. Back in 1955 when Chelsea applied to be the first English team to play in the European Cup the Football League refused them. For the Football League read Alan Hardaker, Secretary and unbending autocrat, who said that he didn’t like dealing with football in Europe: “Too many wogs and Dagoes”. His attitude was supremely negative and self-aggrandising, probably influenced by the fear that his own competition would be overshadowed by the new one. How very right he was!
Bobby Charlton
                                                Caricature Cristiano Ronaldo
                                                Caricature Eric Cantona
                                                Caricature Roy Keane
                                                Caricature Teddy Sheringham
                                                Caricature Wayne Rooney
                                                  Caricature Frank Lampard
Bobby Charlton
Cristiano Ronaldo
2006–07 & 2007–08
Eric Cantona
Roy Keane
Teddy Sheringham
Wayne Rooney
Frank Lampard
 Steven Gerrard
                                                Caricature Ian Rush
                                                Caricature  Kenny Dalglish
                                                Caricature John Barnes
                                                Caricature Emlyn Hughes
                                                Caricature Steve Nicol
                                                Caricature Kevin Keegan
Steven Gerrard
Ian Rush
Kenny Dalglish
1978–79 & 1982–83
John Barnes
1989–90 & 1987–88
Emlyn Hughes
Steve Nicol
Kevin Keegan
Stanley Matthews
                                                Caricature Thierry Henry
                                                Caricature Alan Shearer
                                                  Caricature Robert Pires
                                                Caricature Dennis Bergkamp
                                                Caricature Frank McLintock
                                                Caricature Joe Mercer
Stanley Matthews
1947–48 & 1962–63
Thierry Henry
2002–03,2003–04, & 2005–06
 Alan Shearer
Robert Pirθs
Dennis Bergkamp
Frank McLintock
Joe Mercer
Year     Nationality
Player   Club  
1947–48 England Stanley Matthews Blackpool
1948–49 Republic of Ireland Carey, JohnnyJohnny Carey Manchester United
1949–50 England Mercer, JoeJoe Mercer Arsenal
1950–51 England Johnston, HarryHarry Johnston Blackpool
1951–52 England Wright, BillyBilly Wright Wolverhampton Wanderers
1952–53 England Lofthouse, NatNat Lofthouse Bolton Wanderers
1953–54 England Finney, TomTom Finney Preston North End
1954–55 England Revie, DonDon Revie Manchester City
1955–56 Germany Trautmann, BertBert Trautmann Manchester City
1956–57 England Finney, TomTom Finney Preston North End
1957–58 Northern Ireland Blanchflower, DannyDanny Blanchflower Tottenham Hotspur
1958–59 England Owen, SydSyd Owen Luton Town
1959–60 England Slater, BillBill Slater Wolverhampton Wanderers
1960–61 Northern Ireland Blanchflower, DannyDanny Blanchflower Tottenham Hotspur
1961–62 England Adamson, JimmyJimmy Adamson Burnley
1962–63 England Matthews, StanleyStanley Matthews Stoke City
1963–64 England Moore, BobbyBobby Moore West Ham United
1964–65 Scotland Collins, BobbyBobby Collins Leeds United
1965–66 England Charlton, BobbyBobby Charlton Manchester United
1966–67 England Charlton, JackJack Charlton Leeds United
1967–68 Northern Ireland Best, GeorgeGeorge Best Manchester United
1968–69 England Book, TonyTony Book (joint winner) Manchester City
1968–69 Scotland Dave MackayDave Mackay (joint winner) Derby County
1969–70 Scotland Bremner, BillyBilly Bremner Leeds United
1970–71 Scotland McLintock, FrankFrank McLintock Arsenal
1971–72 England Banks, GordonGordon Banks Stoke City
1972–73 Northern Ireland Jennings, PatPat Jennings Tottenham Hotspur
1973–74 England Callaghan, IanIan Callaghan Liverpool
1974–75 England Mullery, AlanAlan Mullery Fulham
1975–76 England Keegan, KevinKevin Keegan Liverpool
1976–77 England Hughes, EmlynEmlyn Hughes Liverpool
1977–78 Scotland Burns, KennyKenny Burns Nottingham Forest
1978–79 Scotland Dalglish, KennyKenny Dalglish Liverpool
1979–80 England McDermott, TerryTerry McDermott Liverpool
1980–81 Netherlands Thijssen, FransFrans Thijssen Ipswich Town
1981–82 England Perryman, SteveSteve Perryman Tottenham Hotspur
1982–83 Scotland Dalglish, KennyKenny Dalglish Liverpool
1983–84 Wales Rush, IanIan Rush Liverpool
1984–85 Wales Southall, NevilleNeville Southall Everton
1985–86 England Lineker, GaryGary Lineker Everton
1986–87 England Allen, CliveClive Allen Tottenham Hotspur
1987–88 England Barnes, JohnJohn Barnes Liverpool
1988–89 Scotland Nicol, SteveSteve Nicol Liverpool
1989–90 England Barnes, JohnJohn Barnes Liverpool
1990–91 Scotland Strachan, GordonGordon Strachan Leeds United
1991–92 England Lineker, GaryGary Lineker Tottenham Hotspur
1992–93 England Waddle, ChrisChris Waddle Sheffield Wednesday
1993–94 England Shearer, AlanAlan Shearer Blackburn Rovers
1994–95 Germany Klinsmann, JόrgenJόrgen Klinsmann Tottenham Hotspur
1995–96 France Cantona, EricEric Cantona Manchester United
1996–97 Italy Zola, GianfrancoGianfranco Zola Chelsea
1997–98 Netherlands Bergkamp, DennisDennis Bergkamp Arsenal
1998–99 France Ginola, DavidDavid Ginola Tottenham Hotspur
1999–00 Republic of Ireland Keane, RoyRoy Keane Manchester United
2000–01 England Sheringham, TeddyTeddy Sheringham Manchester United
2001–02 France Pirθs, RobertRobert Pirθs Arsenal
2002–03 France Henry, ThierryThierry Henry Arsenal
2003–04 France Henry, ThierryThierry Henry Arsenal
2004–05 England Lampard, FrankFrank Lampard Chelsea
2005–06 France Henry, ThierryThierry Henry Arsenal
2006–07 Portugal Ronaldo, CristianoCristiano Ronaldo Manchester United
2007–08 Portugal Ronaldo, CristianoCristiano Ronaldo Manchester United
2008–09 England Gerrard, StevenSteven Gerrard Liverpool
2009–10 England Wayne Rooney Manchester United
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David Ginola Caricature Gary Lineker Caricature Clive Allen Caricature Steve Perryman Caricature Pat Jennings Caricature Danny Blanchflower Caricature Jurgen Klinsmann Caricature
David Ginola
Gary Lineker
1985–86 & 1991–92
Clive Allen
Steve Perryman
Pat Jennings
Danny Blanchflower
1957–58 & 1960–61
Jόrgen Klinsmann
Chris Waddle Caricature Alan Mullery Caricature Neville Southall Caricature Gianfranco Zola Caricature Terry McDermott Caricature Gordon Banks Caricature Dave MacKay Caricature
Chris Waddle
Alan Mullery
Neville Southall
Gianfranco Zola
Terry McDermott
Gordon Banks
Dave Mackay
Bobby Moore Caricature Jack Charlton Caricature Billy Bremner Caricature Billy Wright Caricature Tom Finney Caricature Nat Lofthouse Caricature Bert Trautmann Caricature
Bobby Moore
Jack Charlton
Billy Bremner
Billy Wright
Tom Finney
1953–54 & 1956–57
Nat Lofthouse
Bert Trautmann
Most of the Cartoons on this site are from  The Wonderful Sports Cartoon Site. Click here to see

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Playing Away: The A�Z of Soccer Sex Scandals chronicles the antics of the stars who moved football from the back page to the front. It�s the first definitive guide for fans, agents, managers�and even cheating players' unsuspecting partners. As well as recording the latest scandals it puts the record straight on long-running rumours � did Eric Cantona really bed Leslie Ash?  Playing Away reveals the:60s and 70s bedhopping of superstuds Malcolm Allison, George Best and Frank Worthington. 80s excesses of Pat Van den Hauwe, Mark Dennis and Peter Shilton. 90s naughtiness of Viv Anderson, John Barnes and Bryan Robson. Post-Millennium madness of cross-dressing Dwight Yorke and Mark Bosnich and the daftest love rat of the lot, Gary Flitcroft.
Plus the:
Jail disgrace of Graham Rix, Peter Storey and Mickey Thomas. Courtroom battles of Celestine Babayaro and David Jones. Tragedies of Justin Fashanu and Alan Hudson.
And it�s not just about players. It chronicles the:
Bedroom games of boardroom giants Martin Edwards, Ken Bates and Matthew Harding.
Two-timing tactics of bosses like Ron Atkinson, Ruud Gullit and Glenn Hoddle.
Secrets of the men behind the microphones - colourful commentators like Andy Gray, Jimmy Hill, Des Lynam and Gerald Sinstadt.
Read more at :
Mark Bosnich.jpg Adrian Mutu
Mark Bosnich
Adrian Mutu
Peter Storey
Tony Adams
Lee Hughes
Marlon King
Russel Beardsmore
                                  juli 1991.JPG George Best in
                                  1968. The image
                                  cannot be displayed, because it
                                  contains errors.
Russell Beardsmore
George Best
Alan Brazil
Gary Charles
Stuart Duff
Terry Fenwick
R Ferdinand.jpg Bob Newton
Rio Ferdinand
Stuart Fleetwood
Andy Gouck
Bob Newton
Luke McCormick
Jermaine Pennant The image
                                  cannot be displayed, because it
                                  contains errors. Graham Rix David Gilbert
Ian Porterfield
Adam Tanner
Bob Taylor
Terry Yorath
Graham Rix
Dave Gilbert FREED: Mark Ward David Layne onathan Woodgate
Tony Kay
Jody Morris
Mark Ward
Peter Swan David Layne Jonathan Woodgate
Robert Williams, Jay Harris,
                                  Andrew Mangan, David Mannix and Peter

Accrington Stanley stars Peter Cavanagh, David Mannix , Robert Williams F, James Harris  and Bury player Andrew Mangan were alleged to have bet more than £10,000 on the outcome of a game between the two teams. Harris was handed the heaviest ban - one year - and was also fined £4,000. Mannix was fined £4000 and suspended for 10 months while Williams was fined £3,500 and banned for eight months. In addition, Mangan was given a£2,000 fine and suspended from all football for five months. The image
                                  cannot be displayed, because it
                                  contains errors.
Stan Collymore
Justin Fashanu
Sven-Goran Eriksson
Mickey Thomas

Foreign players dominate our teams, foreign coaches manage all our leading clubs and now the foreign owners are elbowing their way into our boardrooms. I don't know, they come over here, nicking our clubs, using the word 'franchise', eating pumpkin pie. Anyway, we've found 10 reasons why they can't be any worse than some of the home-grown rascals who have run our precious clubs. This is not a definitive list. Sadly there are plenty more where these came from.
This list Compiled by
toptenBOB LORD. The Butcher of Burnley

What was he like?  He rarely spoke with fans.

At the first game of 1981, at Brentford, he was sat on the team coach when a young supporter leaned in and said ‘Happy New Year Mr. Lord’. He would have been around 7 or 8 years old and was wearing new scarf, bob cap etc. He was ignored so tried again. Again ignored he climbed onto the first step of the coach and repeated his greeting. This time a reply, ‘Get off this bus,’ said the Burnley chairman.

He did have an amazing ability to upset people though and didn’t like it when things didn’t go his own way. He once stood for President of the Football League and was totally confident that he would be elected by a comfortable margin. In the end he lost out to Newcastle’s Lord Westwood, a dodgy looking character with a patch over one eye. People who he thought would back him didn’t and he didn’t like it. He called the decision a disgrace and said the problem was the fact that Lord came at the wrong end of his name. "I wasn’t born with a silver spoon in my mouth," he added.
He always put Burnley first. On one occasion, during one of his regular disagreements with the television companies, he decided he didn’t want the cameras inside Turf Moor. He said very publicly, "If the BBC don’t shift their cameras from Turf Moor I’ll be down there myself and personally burn them. They are on the ground without our consent and I don’t care if even Harold Wilson (then Prime Minister) has given them permission."

The year of 1974 though was his peak for TV arguments. He banned all the Burnley directors from Elland Road because then Leeds chairman had took offence at his remarks about Jews and the way television was being run by them. The banned directors missed a treat as Burnley won 4-1. Only weeks before the BBC had to show a League game on their FA Cup special as Lord banned the cameras yet again from Turf Moor for a 6th round tie against Wrexham, a game they won 1-0.

When we complain today about the lack of positive comment from the media this might explain why to some extent.
Rogue Directors of Football Clubs abound & some stories are unbelieveable- they include the self sstyled Teenager "Property Tycoon" who was the saviour of Aldershot Town and Ken Bates who called a Football Press Conference to announce he was leaving him wife. See more about Ken in The Battle of Stamford Bridge 1066/Today

No. Owner / Club Details
1 Ken Richardson
[ image: Ken
                                            Richardson: Faces jail
In 1995 Ken Richardson hired two local crooks to burn down the main stand. One, an ex SAS man, left his mobile phone at the scene and even the South Yorks plod managed to rumble the protagonists. Richardson was found guilty in 1999 and jailed for four years. Other stunts pulled included attempting to sell the ground even though it was owned by the council and his eccentric managerial appointment of a certain Mark Weaver who'd previously run the club shop. At Stockport.
2 Darren Brown
Former chairman Darren
Brown came to prominence with his ownership of the Sheffield Steelers ice hockey team, a dominant force in the sport. Brown wanted to branch into football and `bought' Chesterfield, a well run and profitable club, with money borrowed from the previous owner. He proceeded to run the club into the ground by robbing them of around £1m to fund a lavish lifestyle and prop up his other, ailing sports clubs. His extravagances included using club funds to buy a £2,500 lawn mower and paying the council tax of numerous American ice hockey players. The Serious Fraud Office investigated Brown and he was found guilty and sentenced to 4 years for his plundering of the club in 2004.
3 Anton Johnson
Johnson was a scoundrel who ran Rotherham into the ground in the early 1980s before owning Southend, without giving up his holdings at Millmoor. He illegally owned two clubs and was guilty of financial malpractice at both. In 1985 the FA banned him from ever being involved in football again. Naturally he washed up at Scarborough in 1998 after an abortive attempt to buy Doncaster off our old pal, Ken Richardson. Scarborough were relegated from the Football League in 1999.
4 Peter Ridsdale
Leeds Utd

"We lived the dream". Those words, we think, we're used to justify his suicidal financial gamble to establish Leeds as a major force in European football. It failed. Currently they're not even a force in Yorkshire football. Ridsdale was a self proclaimed fan in the director's box. He was also a media whore with an eye for a photo op (see his walk on the pitch to the Leeds fans at the height of his grandstanding). He left Leeds with a disastrous legacy which he's never properly acknowledged and after washing up briefly at Barnsley (who were also in free-fall) he is now fronting the consortium running Cardiff. The proverbial guy who falls in a dung heap and comes out smelling of aftershave. Well, Blue Stratos anyway.
5 Freddie Shepherd
See full size
A man with the looks of Austin Powers' foe Fat Bastard, but without the charm. Shepherd represents a corporate fat cat mentality that has come with the advent of the Premiership. He is owner caste equivalent of the footballing badge kisser, always ready with a trophy signing, P45 for the gaffer or yet another attention deflecting speech about the `Geordie Nation'. This odious man really showed off his true colours, and sadly much else, when he was the victim of a News of the World sting, where he laughed at the fans that bought overpriced shirts and slated Newcastle women. All this from the comfortable vantage point of a far eastern brothel.
No. Owner / Club Details
6 George Reynolds
180 former darlington
                                          chairman george reynolds
This ex-con was a self made multi-millionaire who washed up at Darlington in 1999 promising to take them into the Premiership. Bizarrely, he then built the club a superb 27,000 seater stadium. Staggering, as the clubs average crowd was around 4,000. He totally failed to bring in the players necessary for progress and saddled the club with massive debts and a white elephant of a stadium. In 2005 after leaving the club, he was convicted of tax evasion and was sentenced to 3 years. A classic rags to riches to rags story.
7 Douglas Craig
York City
Craig first sprang to prominence in 1994 when he became the only club chairman to refuse to sign up to a national anti-racism campaign, a stance he maintained for six years. Craig almost sent City to the wall in 2002 when he `transferred' ownership of Bootham Crescent to a holding company for £165,000 and then tried to force the club to buy back the ground (for £4.5m!) or he would close the club down. A supporters Trust was founded and after a gargantuan effort, secured the ground and the clubs future. Craig, of course, made a massive profit. What was particularly galling was his role at the FA enabled him to participate in decisions such as the relocation of Wimbledon to Milton Keynes. It so reassuring to know that the fate of the game lies with such genuine people.
8 Terry Venables
It's debatable whether El Tel has ever truly owned a club, but those which he has run have always managed to be in a much worse state than when he took over. Alan Sugar installed him as managing director at Spurs in 1991 after he'd failed to land the club with another business partner. Sugar dismissed Venables in 1993 after an acrimonious split. He later bought a 51% stake in Portsmouth in 1997 for £1, grabbed as much money as he legally could and disappeared back out of the door with the club bottom of the league. The DTI managed to get Venables disqualified from being a company director in 1998, partly down to his dealings at Tottenham. He then settled down to the job he was surely destined for. Ruining a once formidable coaching reputation by playing Phil Neal to McLaren's Graham Taylor.
9 Robert Maxwell
Oxford Utd
Derby County
The bouncing Czech rolled into the university city, not noted for its footballing heritage, in 1982. Within 2 years he'd shown his commitment to the club by trying to buy Manchester United and attempting to merge Oxford with local rivals Reading, to form the ludicrously titled Thames Valley Royals. To be fair, the team performed miracles under his stewardship as the astute management of Jim Smith took them into the First Division in 1985 and then to a Milk Cup final victory in 1986. In 1987 Maxwell bought Derby and installed his son, Kevin, as Chairman at the Manor Ground. Oxford suffered heavily from the aftermath of Maxwell's suicide in 1991 and have never really recovered.

10 Stan Flashman
                                          Flashman image 1
Flashman was a Cockney ticket tout of the old school, operating in circles, shady even for lower league chairmen. More in the rogue than villain category, Flashman owned Barnet as they made it to the Football League under the gregarious management of Barry Fry. He ran the club from 1985 to 1993 and Fry reckoned he was sacked and reinstated 8 times during his tenure. Flashman died in 1999 aged 69.
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Clinton Morrison
Darren Byfield
David James
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Marlon Harewood
Nigel Reo-Coker
Ian Wright
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Darlington - Bottom of the League

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Address, Contact & Fixtures
Barnsley FC
Mark Robins
The Tykes barnsley fc 2010-11 23,009
   Grove Street, Barnsley, S71 1ET
Main Telephone No: 01226 211 211
Fax No: 01226 211 444
Ticket Office: 0871 226 6777
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Birmingham Badge
Birmingham City F C


Blues  birmingham city home strip 2010-11 St Andrews
                          Birmingham 30,009 Birmingham City Birmingham City - St Andrew's Stadium
  St. Andrew's Stadium, St Andrew's Road, Birmingham, West Midlands, B9 4NH
Telephone : 0844 557 1875
St Andrew's stadium was built in 1906 to replace the Muntz Street ground.
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Birmingham City

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Blackburn Rovers FC
Blackburn Rovers F.C.
Steve Kean

Steve Kean Caricature
blackburn rovers 2010-11 home kit Ewood Park 31,367 Blackburn Rovers Blackburn Rovers - Ewood Park ,
Blackburn, Lancashire. BB2 4JF
Main Telephone No: 0871 702 1875
Fax No: 01254 671 042
Ticket Office: 0871 222 1444

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Blackpool F.C.

 Ian Holloway
Ian Holloway
The Seasiders,
The 'Pool,
The Tangerines
blackpool 2010-11 home kit The stadium as it
                          was before the construction of the South
                          stand 12,555 Blackpool Blackpool Football Club
Bloomfield Road

Seasiders Way
Tel: 08716221953
Fax: 01253 405011
Clubcall: 09068 121648
(Calls cost 60p per minute)
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Bolton Wanderers FC
Bolton Wanderers F C
Owen Coyle
Owen Coyle
The Trotters bolton wanderers 2010-11 Reebok Stadium 28,000 Bolton Wanderers Bolton Wanderers - Reebok Stadium
Burnden Way, Lostock, Bolton, Lancashire. SE7 8BL
Main Telephone No: 01204 673 673
Main Fax No: 01204 673 773
Ticket Office: 0871 871 2932
Ticket Office Fax: 0871 871 8183
Stadium Tours:
01204 673 650
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Brighton & Hove Albion
Manager :
Gus Poyet 


Brighton & Hove Albion

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Bristol City
Bristol City FC Manager:


: The Robins bristol city 2010-11 21,479 Bristol City   Ashton Gate 
 Ashton Road, Bristol, BS3 2EJ
Main Telephone No: 0871 222 6666
Fax No: 0117 963 0700
Ticket Office: 0871 222 6666
Fixture List  
Bristol City

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Burnley logo
Manager :

The Clarets Burnley
Turf Moor, Burnley
22,546 Burnley Burnley - Turf Moor
    Harry Potts Way, Burnley, Lancashire, BB10 4BX
Telephone: 0871 221 1882
The home of Burnley FC since 1883, Turf Moor is one fo the oldest football grounds still in use in the United Kingdom. It has hosted one FA Cup semi-final, when Huddersfield Town beat Notts County 3-1 in 1922.
Fixture List

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Email Address

Cardiff City FC Manager:
The Bluebirds cardiff city 2010-11 home kit 26,828 Cardiff City  Cardiff City Stadium 
 Leckwith Road, Cardiff, CF11 8AZ
Main Telephone No: 0845 365 1115
Fax No: 0845 365 1116
Ticket Office: 0845 345 1400
  Fixture List
Cardiff City

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Coventry City Manager:

The Sky Blues coventry city 2010-11 32,500 Coventry City   Ricoh Arena
 Phoenix Way, Foleshill, Coventry, CV6 6GE
Main Telephone No: 0844 873 1883
Fax No: 024 7623 4099
Ticket Office No: 0844 873 1883 (Option 1)
Fixture List  
Coventry City

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Crystal Palace
Crystal Palace Manager:
Dougie Freedman
The Eagles crystal palace 2010-11 26,309 Crystal Palace  Selhurst Park
Selhurst Park, London, SE25 6PU
Main Telephone No: 0208 768 6000
Fax No: 0208 771 5311
Ticket Office: 0871 2000 071
Fixture List  
Crystal Palace

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Derby County Manager:
Nigel Clough
Nigel Clough
The Rams derby county 2010-11 home kit 33,597 Derby County   Pride Park Stadium
 Pride Park Stadium, Derby, DE24 8XL
Main Telephone No: 0871 472 1884
Fax No: 01332 667519
Fixture List  
Derby County

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Doncaster Rovers Manager:

Rovers doncaster rovers 2010-11 home kit,,10360~3694463,00.jpg 15,231 Doncaster Rovers  Keepmoat Stadium
 Stadium Way, Lakeside, Doncaster, DN4 5JW
Main Telephone No: 01302 764 664
Fax No: 01302 363 525
Ticket Office: 01302 762 576
Fixture List
Doncaster Rovers

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Email Address

Hull City
Hull City

The Tigers hull city 2010-11 home kit Hull City 25,504
Hull City Hull City - Kingston Community Stadium
The Circle, Walton St, Hull, HU3 6HU
Main Telephone No: 0870 837 0003
Fax No: 01482 304 882
Ticket Office: 0870 837 0004
Ticket Office Fax: 01482 304 923

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Email Address

Ipswich Manager:
Paul Jewell
Blues or Tractor Boys ipswich town 2009 30,300 Ipswich Town   Portman Road
 Portman Road, Ipswich, IP1 2DA
Main Telephone No: 01473 400 500
Fax No: 01473 400 040
Ticket Office: 0870 111 0555
Fixture List
Ipswich Town

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Leeds United Manager:

United leeds united 2010-11 40,204 Leeds United   Elland Road
 Elland Road, Leeds, LS11 0ES
Main Telephone No:
0871 334 1919
Main Fax No:
 0113 367 6050
Ticket Office:
0845 121 1992
 Fixture List
Leeds United

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Leiceter City
Leicester City Manager:
Nigel Pearson

The Foxes leicester city 2010-11 home kit 32,500 Leicester City  Walkers Stadium
  Filbert Way, Leicester, LE2 7FL
Main Telephone Number: 0844 815 6000
Main Fax No: 0116 247 0585
Ticket Office: 0844 815 5000
Ticket Office Fax No: 0116 229 4404
Fixture List
Leicester City

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Middlesborough F.C.
Manager :
Tony Mowbray
Boro or Ironsiders Middlesborough Riverside Stadium 35,100 Middlesbrough Middlesbrough -
Riverside Stadium

Middlesbrough, Cleveland. TS3 6RS
Telephone No: 0844 499 6789 Main Fax No: 01642 757 690
Ticket Office: 0844 499 1234 Ticket Office Fax: 01642 757 693
Stadium Tours: 0844 499 6789

Fixture List

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Millwall Manager:
Kenny Jackett
The Lions millwall fc 2010-11 home kit 20,146 Millwall  The Den
Zampa Road, London SE16 3LN
Main Telephone No: 020 7232 1222
Ticket Office: 020 7231 9999
Fax No: 020 7231 3663
Fixture List

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Email Address

Nottingham Forest
Nottingham Forest Manager:
Steve Cotterall
Steve Cotterill
The Reds nottingham forest 2010-11 home kit 30,602 Nottingham forest  City Ground
 City Ground, Nottingham, NG2 5FJ
Main Telephone No: 0115 982 4444
Fax No: 0115 982 4455
Ticket Office: 0871 226 1980
Fixture List 
Nottingham Forest

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Email Address

Portsmouth FC
Portsmouth F.C.


Pompey portsmouth fc 2010-11 home kit Fratton Park 19,400 Portsmouth Frogmore Road, Southsea, Hampshire. PO4 8RA
Main Telephone No: 02392 731204
Main Fax No: 02392 734129
Ticket Office: 0844 847 1898
Ticket Office Fax: 0871 230 1899

Fixture List

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Watford F C

The Hornets watford 2010-11 home kit 19,900 Watford   Vicarage Road 
  Vicarage Road, Watford, WD18 0ER
Main Telephone No: 0845 442 1881
Fax No: 01923 496 001
Ticket Office: 0870 111 1881
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wolves 2010-11 Molineux
                          Wolverhampton 28,525 Wolverhampton Wanderers

Wolverhampton Wanderers - Molineux
Molineux Stadium, Waterloo Road, Wolverhampton, WV1 4QR
Telephone: 0870 222 2220

The home of Wolverhampton Wanderers since 1889, The Molineux was one of the first grounds in the country to install floodlights and went on to host some of the first European club games in the 1950s.
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Wolverhampton Wanderers

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The image
                            cannot be displayed, because it contains
                            errors.Football League Clubs

It was a letter from William McGregor, a director at Aston Villa, to four other clubs on March 2, 1888, which led to the formation of the world's first league football competition. "I beg to tender the following suggestion," McGregor, a Perthshire-born draper, wrote to Blackburn Rovers, Bolton Wanderers, Preston North End and West Bromwich Albion, "that ten or twelve of the most prominent clubs in England combine to arrange home-and-away fixtures each season…"   Three weeks later, on the eve of West Bromwich's victory over Preston in the FA Cup final, a meeting was held at Anderton's Hotel in Fleet Street, London, to discuss McGregor's plans. A further meeting on April 17 at the Royal Hotel, Manchester, agreed the name 'The Football League', and the first season kicked off on September 8 with 12 member clubs.The first winners were Preston North End (see picture to the right)  Over time, the competition has grown from a single division of twelve clubs to its present four tier structure of Premier League (which became independent in 1996), Championship, League One and League Two, with 92 clubs in membership. Since 1986, automatic promotion and relegation between the Football League and National Conference has been in effect, making it theoretically possible for a club to climb from the very lowest level of the pyramid all the way to the English Premiership. 

Football League (1888–1892)

Year Champions
(number of titles)
Runners-up Third place Leading goalscorer Goals
1888–89 Preston North End[ Aston Villa Wolverhampton Wanderers John Goodall (Preston North End) 21
1889–90 Preston North End
Everton Blackburn Rovers Jimmy Ross (Preston North End) 24
1890–91 Everton 
Preston North End Notts County Jack Southworth (Blackburn Rovers) 26
1891–92 Sunderland
Preston North End Bolton Wanderers John Campbell (Sunderland) 32

  Football League First Division (1892–1992)

Year Champions
(number of titles)
Runners-up Third place Leading goalscorer Goals
1892–93 Sunderland 
Preston North End Everton John Campbell (Sunderland) 31
1893–94 Aston Villa 
Sunderland Derby County Jack Southworth (Everton) 27
1894–95 Sunderland
Everton Aston Villa John Campbell (Sunderland) 22
1895–96 Aston Villa 
Derby County Everton Johnny Campbell (Aston Villa)
Steve Bloomer (Derby County)
1896–97 Aston Villa
Sheffield United Derby County Steve Bloomer (Derby County) 22
1897–98 Sheffield United
Sunderland Wolverhampton Wanderers Fred Wheldon (Aston Villa) 21
1898–99 Aston Villa
Liverpool Burnley Steve Bloomer (Derby County) 23
1899–1900 Aston Villa
Sheffield United Sunderland Billy Garraty (Aston Villa) 27
1900–01 Liverpool 
Sunderland Notts County Steve Bloomer (Derby County) 23
1901–02 Sunderland 
Everton Newcastle United Jimmy Settle (Everton) 18
1902–03 The Wednesday
Aston Villa Sunderland Sam Raybould (Liverpool) 31
1903–04 The Wednesday 
Manchester City Everton Steve Bloomer (Derby County) 20
1904–05 Newcastle United 
Everton Manchester City Arthur Brown (Sheffield United) 22
1905–06 Liverpool
Preston North End Sheffield Wednesday Albert Shepherd (Bolton Wanderers) 26
1906–07 Newcastle United 
Bristol City Everton Alex Young (Everton) 30
1907–08 Manchester United 
Aston Villa Manchester City Enoch West (Nottingham Forest) 27
1908–09 Newcastle United
Everton Sunderland Bert Freeman (Everton) 38
1909–10 Aston Villa
Liverpool Blackburn Rovers Jack Parkinson (Liverpool) 30
1910–11 Manchester United 
Aston Villa Sunderland Albert Shepherd (Newcastle United) 25
1911–12 Blackburn Rovers 
Everton Newcastle United Harry Hampton (Aston Villa)
George Holley (Sunderland)
David McLean (The Wednesday)
1912–13 Sunderland (5) Aston Villa Sheffield Wednesday David McLean (The Wednesday) 30
1913–14 Blackburn Rovers (2) Aston Villa Middlesbrough George Elliot (Middlesbrough) 32
1914–15 Everton (2) Oldham Athletic Blackburn Rovers Bobby Parker (Everton) 35
1916–19 League suspended due to the First World War
1919–20 West Bromwich Albion (1) Burnley Chelsea Fred Morris (West Bromwich Albion) 37
1920–21 Burnley (1) Manchester City Bolton Wanderers Joe Smith (Bolton Wanderers) 38
1921–22 Liverpool (3) Tottenham Hotspur Burnley Andy Wilson (Middlesbrough) 31
1922–23 Liverpool (4) Sunderland Huddersfield Town Charlie Buchan (Sunderland) 30
1923–24 Huddersfield Town (1) Cardiff City Sunderland Wilf Chadwick (Everton) 28
1924–25 Huddersfield Town (2) West Bromwich Albion Bolton Wanderers Frank Roberts (Manchester City) 31
1925–26 Huddersfield Town (3) Arsenal Sunderland Ted Harper (Blackburn Rovers) 43
1926–27 Newcastle United (4) Huddersfield Town Sunderland Jimmy Trotter (The Wednesday) 37
1927–28 Everton (3) Huddersfield Town Leicester City Dixie Dean (Everton) 60
1928–29 The Wednesday (3) Leicester City Aston Villa Dave Halliday (Sunderland) 43
1929–30 Sheffield Wednesday (4) Derby County Manchester City Vic Watson (West Ham United) 41
1930–31 Arsenal (1) Aston Villa Sheffield Wednesday Tom Waring (Aston Villa) 49
1931–32 Everton (4) Arsenal Sheffield Wednesday Dixie Dean (Everton) 44
1932–33 Arsenal (2) Aston Villa Sheffield Wednesday Jack Bowers (Derby County) 35
1933–34 Arsenal (3) Huddersfield Town Tottenham Hotspur Jack Bowers (Derby County) 34
1934–35 Arsenal (4) Sunderland Sheffield Wednesday Ted Drake (Arsenal) 42
1935–36 Sunderland (6*) Derby County Huddersfield Town W. G. Richardson (West Bromwich Albion) 39
1936–37 Manchester City (1) Charlton Athletic Arsenal Freddie Steele (Stoke City) 33
1937–38 Arsenal (5) Wolverhampton Wanderers Preston North End Tommy Lawton (Everton) 28
1938–39 Everton (5) Wolverhampton Wanderers Charlton Athletic Tommy Lawton (Everton) 35
1940–46 League suspended due to the Second World War
1946–47 Liverpool (5) Manchester United Wolverhampton Wanderers Dennis Westcott (Wolverhampton Wanderers) 37
1947–48 Arsenal (6*) Manchester United Burnley Ronnie Rooke (Arsenal) 33
1948–49 Portsmouth (1) Manchester United Derby County Willie Moir (Bolton Wanderers) 25
1949–50 Portsmouth (2) Wolverhampton Wanderers Sunderland Dickie Davis (Sunderland) 25
1950–51 Tottenham Hotspur (1) Manchester United Blackpool Stan Mortensen (Blackpool) 30
1951–52 Manchester United (3) Tottenham Hotspur Arsenal George Robledo (Newcastle United) 33
1952–53 Arsenal (7*) Preston North End Wolverhampton Wanderers Charlie Wayman (Preston North End) 24
1953–54 Wolverhampton Wanderers (1) West Bromwich Albion Huddersfield Town Jimmy Glazzard (Huddersfield Town) 29
1954–55 Chelsea (1) Wolverhampton Wanderers Portsmouth Ronnie Allen (West Bromwich Albion) 27
1955–56 Manchester United (4) Blackpool Wolverhampton Wanderers Nat Lofthouse (Bolton Wanderers) 33
1956–57 Manchester United (5) Tottenham Hotspur Preston North End John Charles (Leeds United) 38
1957–58 Wolverhampton Wanderers (2) Preston North End Tottenham Hotspur Bobby Smith (Tottenham Hotspur) 36
1958–59 Wolverhampton Wanderers (3) Manchester United Arsenal Jimmy Greaves (Chelsea) 33
1959–60 Burnley (2) Wolverhampton Wanderers Tottenham Hotspur Dennis Viollet (Manchester United) 32
1960–61 Tottenham Hotspur (2) Sheffield Wednesday Wolverhampton Wanderers Jimmy Greaves (Chelsea) 41
1961–62 Ipswich Town (1) Burnley Tottenham Hotspur Ray Crawford (Ipswich Town)
Derek Kevan (West Bromwich Albion)
1962–63 Everton (6) Tottenham Hotspur Burnley Jimmy Greaves (Tottenham Hotspur) 37
1963–64 Liverpool (6) Manchester United Everton Jimmy Greaves (Tottenham Hotspur) 35
1964–65 Manchester United (6) Leeds United Chelsea Andy McEvoy (Blackburn Rovers)
Jimmy Greaves (Tottenham Hotspur)
1965–66 Liverpool (7*) Leeds United Burnley Willie Irvine (Burnley) 29
1966–67 Manchester United (7*) Nottingham Forest Tottenham Hotspur Ron Davies (Southampton) 37
1967–68 Manchester City (2) Manchester United Liverpool George Best (Manchester United)
Ron Davies (Southampton)
1968–69 Leeds United (1) Liverpool Everton Jimmy Greaves (Tottenham Hotspur) 27
1969–70 Everton (7*) Leeds United Chelsea Jeff Astle (West Bromwich Albion) 25
1970–71 Arsenal (8*) Leeds United Tottenham Hotspur Tony Brown (West Bromwich Albion) 28
1971–72 Derby County (1) Leeds United Liverpool Francis Lee (Manchester City) 33
1972–73 Liverpool[2] (8*) Arsenal Leeds United Pop Robson (West Ham United) 28
1973–74 Leeds United (2) Liverpool Derby County Mick Channon (Southampton) 21
1974–75 Derby County (2) Liverpool Ipswich Town Malcolm Macdonald (Newcastle United) 21
1975–76 Liverpool[2] (9*) Queens Park Rangers Manchester United Ted MacDougall (Norwich City) 23
1976–77 Liverpool[4] (10*) Manchester City Ipswich Town Malcolm Macdonald (Arsenal)
Andy Gray (Aston Villa)
1977–78 Nottingham Forest[4] (1) Liverpool Everton Bob Latchford (Everton) 30
1978–79 Liverpool (11*) Nottingham Forest West Bromwich Albion Frank Worthington (Bolton Wanderers) 24
1979–80 Liverpool (12*) Manchester United Ipswich Town Phil Boyer (Southampton) 23
1980–81 Aston Villa (7) Ipswich Town Arsenal Peter Withe (Aston Villa)
Steve Archibald (Tottenham Hotspur)
1981–82[5] Liverpool[5](13*) Ipswich Town Manchester United Kevin Keegan (Southampton) 26
1982–83 Liverpool[4] (14*) Watford Manchester United Luther Blissett (Watford) 27
1983–84 Liverpool[3][4] (15*) Southampton Nottingham Forest Ian Rush (Liverpool) 32
1984–85 Everton[6] (8) Liverpool Tottenham Hotspur Kerry Dixon (Chelsea)
Gary Lineker (Leicester City)
1985–86 Liverpool (16*) Everton West Ham United Gary Lineker (Everton) 30
1986–87 Everton (9) Liverpool Tottenham Hotspur Clive Allen (Tottenham Hotspur) 33
1987–88 Liverpool (17*) Manchester United Nottingham Forest John Aldridge (Liverpool) 26
1988–89 Arsenal (9) Liverpool Nottingham Forest Alan Smith (Arsenal) 23
1989–90 Liverpool (18*) Aston Villa Tottenham Hotspur Gary Lineker (Tottenham Hotspur) 24
1990–91 Arsenal (10) Liverpool Crystal Palace Alan Smith (Arsenal) 22
1991–92 Leeds United (3) Manchester United Sheffield Wednesday Ian Wright (Crystal Palace/Arsenal) 29

  Premier League (1992–present)

Year Champions
Runners-up Third place Leading goalscorer Goals
1992–93 Manchester United 
Aston Villa Norwich City Teddy Sheringham (Nottingham Forest/Tottenham Hotspur) 22
1993–94 Manchester United 
Blackburn Rovers Newcastle United Andrew Cole (Newcastle United) 34
1994–95 Blackburn Rovers F.C. 
Manchester United Nottingham Forest Alan Shearer (Blackburn Rovers) 34
1995–96 Manchester United 
Newcastle United Liverpool Alan Shearer (Blackburn Rovers) 31
1996–97 Manchester United 
Newcastle United Arsenal Alan Shearer (Newcastle United) 25
1997–98 Arsenal 
Manchester United Liverpool Chris Sutton (Blackburn Rovers)
Dion Dublin (Coventry City)
Michael Owen (Liverpool)
1998–99 Manchester United  Arsenal Chelsea Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink (Leeds United)
Michael Owen (Liverpool)
Dwight Yorke (Manchester United)
1999–2000 Manchester United 
Arsenal Leeds United Kevin Phillips (Sunderland) 30
2000–01 Manchester United
Arsenal Liverpool Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink (Chelsea) 23
2001–02 Arsenal 
Liverpool Manchester United Thierry Henry (Arsenal) 24
2002–03 Manchester United
Arsenal Newcastle United Ruud van Nistelrooy (Manchester United) 25
2003–04 Arsenal[1] 
Chelsea Manchester United Thierry Henry (Arsenal) 30
2004–05 Chelsea  Arsenal Manchester United Thierry Henry (Arsenal) 25
2005–06 Chelsea
Manchester United Liverpool Thierry Henry (Arsenal) 27
2006–07 Manchester United
Chelsea Liverpool Didier Drogba (Chelsea) 20
2007–08 Manchester United
Chelsea Arsenal Cristiano Ronaldo (Manchester United) 31
2008–09 Manchester United  Liverpool Chelsea Nicolas Anelka (Chelsea) 19
Chelsea Manchester United
Arsenal  Didier Drogba (Chelsea) 29
Below you may click on to see the different kits they all have worn compiled by
Aberdare Athletic Accrington Accrington Stanley Accrington Stanley (2) Aldershot Aldershot Town Arsenal Ashington
Aston Villa Barnet Barnsley Barrow Birmingham City Blackburn Rovers Blackpool Bolton Wanderers
Bootle Boston United AFC Bournemouth Bradford City Bradford Park Avenue Brentford Brighton Bristol City
Bristol Rovers Burnley Burton Albion Burton Swifts Burton United Burton Wanderers Bury Cambridge United
Cardiff City Carlisle United Charlton Athletic Chelsea Cheltenham Town Chester City Chesterfield Colchester United
Coventry City Crewe Alexandra Crystal Palace Dagenham & Redbridge Darlington Darwen Derby County Doncaster Rovers
Durham City Everton Exeter City Fulham Gainsborough Trinity Gateshead Gillingham Glossop
Grimsby Town Halifax Town Hartlepool United Hereford United Huddersfield Town Hull City Ipswich Town Kidderminster Harriers
Leeds City Leeds United Leicester City Leyton Orient Lincoln City Liverpool Loughborough Luton Town
Macclesfield Town Maidstone United Manchester City Manchester United Mansfield Town Merthyr Town Middlesbrough Middlesbrough Ironopolis
Millwall Milton Keynes Dons Morecambe Nelson New Brighton New Brighton Tower Newcastle United Newport County
Northampton Town Northwich Victoria Norwich City Nottingham Forest Notts County Oldham Athletic Oxford United Peterborough United
Plymouth Argyle Portsmouth Port Vale Preston North End Queen's Park Rangers Reading Rochdale Rotherham Town
Rotherham United Rushden & Diamonds Scarborough Scunthorpe United Sheffield United Sheffield Wednesday Shrewsbury Town Southampton
Southend United Southport South Shields Stalybridge Celtic Stockport County Stoke City Sunderland Swansea City
Swindon Town Thames Torquay United Tottenham Hotspur Tranmere Rovers Walsall Watford West Bromwich Albion
West Ham United Wigan Athletic Wigan Borough Wimbledon Wolverhampton Wanderers Workington Wrexham Wycombe Wanderers
Yeovil Town York City Stevenage

Ian St John and Jimmy GreavesTHE FA CUP
The oldest domestic football competition in the world
("I used to be chairman of fa. Now I'm Chairman of the F.A" - Joe Mears)
 The present FA Cup trophy is the fourth. The first, the 'little tin idol', was used from the inception of the Cup in 1871–2 until it was stolen from a Birmingham shoe shop window belonging to William Shillcock while held by Aston Villa on 11 September 1895. It was never seen again. The FA fined Villa £25 to pay for a replacement. Almost 60 years later, the thief admitted that the cup had been melted down to make counterfeit half-crowns.
The second trophy was a replica of the first, and was last used in 1910 before being presented to the FA's long-serving president Lord Kinnaird. It was sold at Christie's on 19 May 2005 for £420,000 (£478,400 including auction fees and taxes) to David Gold, the chairman of West Ham United. David Gold has loaned this trophy to the National Football Museum which is housed in Preston North End's Deepdale Stadium and it is on permanent display to the public. A new, larger, trophy was bought by the FA in 1911 designed and manufactured by Fattorini's of Bradford and won by Bradford City in its first outing, the only time a team from Bradford has reached the final. This trophy still exists but is now too fragile to be used, so an exact replica was made by Toye, Kenning and Spencer  and has been in use since the 1992 final. A "backup" trophy was made alongside the existing trophy in 1992, but it has not been used so far, and will only be used if the current trophy is lost, damaged or destroyed. (An otherwise identical, smaller replica was also made by Fattorini, the North Wales Coast F A Cup trophy, contested annually by members of that regional Association.)
The present F.A.Cup

The second FA Cup trophy, used between 1896 and 1910.
A Brief History Of The English FA Cup.  The Greatest Club Cup Tournament in The World
At a meeting held in the offices of The Sportsman in London on 20th July 1871, a proposal by FA Honorary Secretary Charles Alcock "that it is desirable that a Challenge Cup should be established in connection with the Association, for which all clubs belonging to the Association should be invited to compete" met with favour and was finally approved three months later.

Chelsea FA Cup
                                  Winners 2009
The Second FA Cup
The first FA Cup competition in season 1871-72 had fifteen entries. (This season more than 600 took part.) Wanderers, a team formed by ex-public school and university players, won the first final 1-0 against Royal Engineers at Kennington Oval. A crowd of 2,000 attended the match and they each paid one shilling for the privilege.

The original trophy, much smaller than the present one, was made by Messrs Martin, Hall & Co. and cost £20. In 1895, after Aston Villa had won the competition, the cup was stolen from the window of a firm of football outfitters in Birmingham where it had been placed on display. It was never recovered. The present trophy, played for since 1992, is the competition's fourth and an exact replica of the third.

The FA Cup has become established as one of the country's great sporting institutions and  is watched throughout the world. It is now 132 years old and yet, season by season, it generates tremendous interest not only in the country of its birth but all over the world. The history and tradition of the competition, and the pageantry of the Cup Final, is familiar to millions.

All clubs in the Premier League and Football League are automatically eligible, and clubs in the next six levels of the English football league system are also eligible provided they have played in either the FA Cup, FA Trophy or FA Vase competitions in the previous season. Newly formed clubs that start playing in a high league, such as AFC Wimbledon or FC United of Manchester, may not therefore play in the FA Cup in their first season. All clubs entering the competition must also have a suitable stadium. It is very rare for top clubs to miss the competition, although it can happen in exceptional circumstances. Manchester United withdrew from the 1999–2000 competition due to their participation in the FIFA Club World Championship, although this was highly controversial at the time.

Welsh sides that play in English leagues are eligible, although since the creation of the League of Wales there are only six such clubs remaining: Cardiff City (the only non-English team to win the tournament, in 1927), Swansea City, Wrexham, Merthyr Tydfil, Newport County and Colwyn Bay. In the early years other teams from Wales, Ireland and Scotland also took part in the competition, with Glasgow side Queen's Park reaching the final in 1884 and 1885 before being barred from entering by the Scottish Football Association.
The first F.A. Cup Final at Wembley
                              Stadium in 1923.The number of entrants has increased greatly in recent years. In the 2004–05 season, 660 clubs entered the competition, beating the long-standing record of 656 from the 1921–22 season. In 2005–06 this increased to 674 entrants, in 2006–07 to 687, in 2007–08 to 731 clubs, and for the 2008–09 and 2009–10 competitions it reached 762.  By comparison, the other major English domestic cup, the League Cup, involves only the 92 members of the Premier League and Football League.

The number of entrants has increased greatly in recent years. In the 2004–05 season, 660 clubs entered the competition, beating the long-standing record of 656 from the 1921–22 season. In 2005–06 this increased to 674 entrants, in 2006–07 to 687, in 2007–08 to 731 clubs, and for the 2008–09 and 2009–10 competitions it reached 762.  By comparison, the other major English domestic cup, the League Cup, involves only the 92 members of the Premier League and Football League.

Three clubs have won consecutive FA Cups on more than one occasion: Wanderers (1872, 1873 and 1876, 1877, 1878), Blackburn Rovers (1884, 1885, 1886 and 1890, 1891), and Tottenham Hotspur (1961, 1962 and 1981, 1982).  Six clubs have won the FA Cup as part of a League and Cup double, namely Preston North End (1889), Aston Villa (1897), Tottenham Hotspur F.C. (1961), Arsenal (1971, 1998, 2002), Liverpool (1986) and Manchester United (1994, 1996, 1999). Arsenal and Manchester United share the record of three doubles. Arsenal has won a double in each of three separate decades (70s, 90s, 00s). Manchester United's three doubles in the 1990s highlights their dominance of English football at the time.

The 1923 White Horse FinalIn