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Real people & real stories COME INTO MY POSTBAG . If you have any nice stories to contribute please email them to : MRWINEUK@email com
About a year ago a young mother lost her child. As you may guess she was frantic. She went to the police and searched high and low. No sucess, eventually in desperation she put his picture on the internet and believe it or not this wonderful new media  worked. Someone saw the child and mother and child were re-united. The idea of this page is to make a base for such problems. No one wants money, what they want is human concern and good neighbours. Please help us develop this site to become the heart of the internet.


We beg your pardon for bothering, but this is the last chance to save our son, Anton. Two years ago our family came to a great grief, our son, three years old, fell ill with leucosis. He got ill because of those people, who do not think what grief the consequences  can bring about.

Earlier out family lived in Tula Oblast, not far from the area, where the special plant for producing bomb plutonium was located.  In the result of an accident the leak of radiation took place and most of the 
population got internal and external irradiation due to the consumption of water for drinking and cooking, the norms of strontium and  caesium exceeded permissable level. 

After a while our son began feel sick,  lost his appetite,  played up. My wife and I did not understand what was happening and decided to take him to hospital.  It was very hurting to know the truth, doctors made out a diagnosis:   ''Acute myeloblast leucosis''. At that time I did not wish anybody be in our shoes.
Doctors treated Anton for the illness and after  several courses of polychemotherapy  the doctors achieved remission. We got moved to another city, Kaliningrad and hoped that the most terrible things were left behind, but this May there was a relapse and now only marrow transplantation  operation can save our son.
The cost of such an operation is some 30.000,00. It is a very big amount for us as I am a teacher and my salary is very small. 

As you know, Russia is in crisis now and therefore a teacher's salary is only  $US60 a month. We tried to find help with different charity organizations, applied for help to the city administration,  to the top managers of the
radiochemical plant. But got a refuse everywhere. We have a flat and we want to sell it, if we do it, we have to collect another  US$12.000,00. But still it is a very big sum for us.We were in a desperate plight and did not know what to do, but our friends favored us with a small hope.
They advised us to address  ordinary people for assistance with the support of INTERNET 
and engaged themselves with all technical matters.  Therefore we address you in such way. We hope, that this letter will fall into good hands. If you feel compassion and if you are not indifferent towards the 
destiny of our son please write us and we send you the bank details of a hospital in order you could transfer your feasible pecuniary  aid.   We once more beg your pardon for bothering you, 

Alex and Sofia. Ours e-mail :

For additional information, please, get in touch with Anton's attending doctor L.Truslov in Kaliningrad Regional BEREG  Hospital (  Please help us. 

Vinny's comment: Whilst we understand and appreciate the need to help little Anton it would be preferable if those in the medical world in the West could suggest a way in which little Anton could be treated in either Europe or the United States. Sending monies to Russia might end up in the wrong hands and we feel that little Anton may get better value elsewhere. Please contact Vinny at  CONTACT US CLICK with suggestions.

From Geocities World Report

In April 1998, I joined GeoCities to build a page about my upcoming  cycling trip across America, from Seattle, WA to Washington D.C. I was 16. The web page would explain the main purpose of my trip, which was to raise money for The Americares Foundation. As I rode, interested people could donate by the mile to help others going through tough times. 
During my trip, war broke out in Europe and The Americares Foundation went over to deliver food and medical supplies. I also posted a donors list and found that many donors actually learned about my trip over the internet. During the 72-day trip, I posted daily entries of what had gone on during the day to keep my relatives and donor informed. My trip was such a success that I decided I would do a similar trip the next year. 

This past summer, I rode the Continental Divide Mountain Biking Route from the Canadian border to the Mexican border. I updated my web page for the trip and decided that I would raise money again. This time, I chose an organization closer to home. My uncle has Parkinson's Disease and after seeing how the disease debilitates as it progresses, I decided I really wanted to help. Like before, I raised money for this 2500-mile off-road mountain bike trip by posting information about donors and my trip. This time, the results skyrocketed. I still don't have a complete tally but over $100,000 has been raised. Hopefully, this will help stop the suffering of not only my uncle but also everyone else who has Parkinson's Disease.
Without GeoCities, I would not have been able to help these two  organizations as much as I have. Thanks for the great service, and the extra 4mb of room will certainly allow me to post more.

Visit my site at:
TRIBUTE TO PAYNE STEWART The folks in Augusta have got  together a guestbook dedicated to honoring the memory of Payne Stewart. If you have something you would like to share, or are just interested in other people's comments, visit the guestbook at:

Curtis is a baby who was born with a birth defect called Gastroschisis--a defect of the abdominal cavity.  Curtis' parents have built a homepage sharing their joy and hopes for their son. Take some time to read their story and contribute any advice or good thoughts in the guestbook.

If you have any gizmos ,tips, heart-rendering stories please submit them to us. Hopefully we can include them in later editions of this page

E-mail tomail to :  That's me Vinny

Here are some programmes that are available on the internet that I have found interesting. Most of them have been gleaned from PC World and are either free or shareware. You should be able to click on to download them by clicking onto the appropriate title. However knowing my computer skills I also include the http address. The one's with a * I am using regularly. I also include some useful tips at the end of the gizmo table. Please do not hesitate to email me at MRWINEUK@email.comif you have any useful additions. Feel free to recommend these to your friends.

These figures represent the coding for the gizmos
Computer Tools
Internet Tools
Pictures & Viewers
Fun items & Screen Savers
E-Mail Aids
Vinny's Half hour
Its not a bird or a plane its's Vinnyman
no model available!
Are you being served ?
A poisoned chalice?
Ive got mail
a new tune on an old fiddle
An apple for the teacher

1  Above & Beyond 98*
This PIM handles appointments, recurring schedules, calendar, and to-do list. You can even set up alarms. 
2 Animated Email Magic
The program creates attention-grabbing e-mail you can use for announcements, invitations, greeting cards, and lively resumes. 
This combination calendar and screen-saver will make a day at the office almost as much fun as watching exotic fish drifting in the sea. 
Archive as many as 32,000 files at once with this compression utility.iIt includes enhanced SFX modules, a multivolume SFX module, a search and extract feature, and more. Free for personal, noncommercial use.,1458,914,00.html 
5 AOL Speed
This patch for the America Online 4.0/5.0 program file (supersub.dll) disables its unnecessary "disk buffer flushing." The end result is an AOL that performs noticeably faster on most operations and accesses the disk less (so it's quieter). After installing AOLSpeed, problems with excessive resource usage should disappear. 
6 PopOff!
This free utility shuts down pop-up advertisement windows before they get in your way. If you come across a window you want to see, you can switch the program off and then back on. 
7 Powertoys for Windows 95
Pump up Windows 95 with these free tools and utilities from Microsoft's own development team. Among other things, you can add drag-and-drop capabilities to your Find menu, play audio CDs from theTaskbar, and adjust your Windows user interface. 
8 Paint Shop Pro *
Paint, draw, convert, edit, and doodle with this widely popular graphics program. 
9 WebZIP
This Web utility allows you to download and save entire Web sites to your hard drive. WebZIP saves sites within a single compressed Zip file and lets you view them offline with your preferred browser. Easy drop-and-drag functionality makes mirroring Web sites on your PCsimple. 
10 Treesize*
Want to view the size of every folder (including all of its contents) on your hard drive? Sorry, Explorer won't play that game. Sure, it'll let you view the size of an individual folder--right-click it and select Properties--but for the big picture, you'll need a freeware program like TreeSize Personal. (Note: This utility was designed for Windows 95 and NT, but I had no problems using it on my Windows 98
11 ZipMagic
Examine zipped archives in a folder view as if they're already decompressed. 
12 Lapcelerator 
Laptops need to maximize their speed in either a networked or non-networked environment. Lapcelerator utilizes Digital Robotics' Terminal Overdrive accelerator to achieve the highest attainable speeds inthe dual environments in which laptops operate. This means that not only will Web sites load faster, but e-mail, downloads, and any other data will transfer faster as well. 
13 BarBack for Windows
View over 3000 drink recipes by name, by liquor, or by glassware and add or remove drinks as you like. The extensive search capabilities let you search by any combination of name, liquor, ingredient,glass type, and recipe. For example, you could make a list of all the drinks that require a blender to make by searching the recipe field for the word "blender".
14 Bacardi Cuba Libre Screen Saver
 This screen saver is more animated fun from those wacky folks who brought you "Hey, Macaroni!". Bacardi Cuba Libre features an animated drink glass dancing to the new latin/ salsa rave "Cuba Libre".
15  BIG page
 This free Web utility makes viewing your favorite daily sites a snap. BIGpage allows you to view up to five sites simultaneously. It also lets you set up categories of favorites and access them with a mouse click.
16 Bill Clinton's Nose Screen Saver
 Watch the president's nose grow as he speaks with this satirical screen saver.
17 Bill's Pie Toss Screen Saver
Step right up, ladies and gentlemen, for an opportunity to toss pies at your favorite billionaire. This interactive screen saver lets you pepper Bill Gates with custard pies.
18 Bookmark Converter
Convert your favorite sites bidirectionally between Navigator and IE. Bookmark Converter also converts bookmarks remotely over a network.
19 Bounce Spam Mai Fool those spam mailers. Send a fake bounce message back to them, making their targeted mailing list manager think your address was invalid. Works in a lot of cases where you can't get to the real sender of the message.
20 The Cleaner
This utility is ideal if you distribute a lot of jokes through e-mail. See, it's really annoying to see all the leading ">" symbols in the front of each line. This nifty little program removes them from
e-mail, making the message look cleaner and avoids all the multiple lines with chopped word-wrapping. Now if only it made the jokes funny.
21 ClipMate
This software lets you cut and paste a series of items and save it for later use. The "ClipMate Explorer" interface enables you to select, preview, edit, and manage clips. It even gives you a thumbnail option for viewing and selecting images and text. Updated version offers drag-and-drop functionality.
22 CoffeeCup HTML Editor 
This full-featured HTML editor includes Expresso FTP, an image 
gallery, style sheet help, automatic image sizing, and a line reader. 
Also featured is a robust library of background images, animated GIFs, 
and Web icons. Version 8.1 offers a code sweeper for HTML to XHTML and 
XML conversions, enhanced image slicing for mapping, and a code 
23 CompuPIC Graphics Viewer*
Not merely a viewer, CPIC also converts files, edits wallpaper, scans, and plays sound and video files. It supports more than 22 graphics formats and does slide shows, screen savers, and thumbnail views.
24 Cookie Crusher
Protect your privacy with this utility, which rejects cookies before they hit your hard disk. Supports both Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Internet Explorer. You'll need both files for Cookie Crusher. The ccfiles.exe contains the author's runtime files.,1458,3057,00.html
25 Copernic 99
This search agent retrieves information from the Web, newsgroups, and e-mail directories. It uses information sources such as AltaVista, Excite, Yahoo!, HotBot, Infoseek, Lycos, Magellan, Open Text,WebCrawler, and DejaNews.
26 Corkboard
Set up your desktop to look much like the bulletin board on your wall, but with more features. Corkboard is a combination information manager and screen saver that you can customize. If you register (for free), you get more desktop objects to use on your corkboard.
27 CWebMail*
This handy application lets you check your HotMail and Yahoo! mail from your desktop e-mail client. CWebMail downloads your Web mail straight to your desktop e-mail client through your Internet connection. Direct support is offered for a variety of clients including Outlook Express, Outlook 98, Outlook 97, ICQ, Netscape 3.0, Netscape 4.0, Eudora Lite 3.0, Eudora Pro 3.0, Eudora Pro 4.0,Internet Mail, and Pegasus Mail 2.5.
28 CuteFTP*
Tired of FTP tools that only techies can understand? CuteFTP is a full-featured FTP client that doesn't  require you to know the cryptic details of the protocol. CuteFTP's "pretty little interface" presents files and directories in a browsable screen.
29 Cyber-Info E-Mail Notify
 Quickly view, delete, and send e-mail without having to load your full e-mail package using this 
notification utility. Cyber-Info E-Mail Notify supports HTML-formatted mail, including Web-based e-mail, and has spam-filtering options that make it easy to delete unwanted mail.
30 Dialer 2000
This suite of dial-up modem tools optimizes your Internet experience. Dialer 2000 simulates random activity to keep you online and will automatically reconnect you if you are disconnected for any reason. It offers graphing functionality for connectivity performance evaluations, e-mail notification and messaging support, time synchronization, and more.
31 Diamond V.90 Upgrade Drivers
This download link will take you to Diamond's Web site, which has the most recent updates for your modem. Modem upgrade instructions are different for each product.
32 EFax Fax Viewer
This fax service lets you get your faxes by e-mail. Sign up for your fax number (go to, and you'll receive faxes just like e-mails with attachments. Open the attachment in the microviewer, and you'll see your fax onscreen. You can print it or forward it to
other e-mail addresses.
33 Eudora Lite
The "light" version of the popular Internet e-mail program includes smart filtering and the ability to attach a variety of file types (including sound, graphics, and video) to messages, among other
34 Favtool
Have you ever wanted to switch browsers but were worried whether your bookmarks would survive the move? This utility converts your bookmarks from Netscape Navigator to Microsoft Internet Explorer and vice versa.
35 Flintstones Theme Song
 This is an excellent rendition of the theme song from TV's "The Flintstones," arranged for Jazz Ensemble, and featuring some hot solo work.
36 Freespace
FreeSpace is an easy-to-use utility for Windows 95 and 98 and NT/NTFS that dramatically increases hard drive space by letting you selectively compress data and optimize hard drive clusters. FreeSpace’s proprietary compression and cluster optimization techniques result in an average 150% gain of disk space per file compressed, and it solves many of the problems inherent in other space saving solutions. With FreeSpace, there is no need to delete or uninstall needed files to get more space.
37 Ghost Mail
Send mail or newsgroup messages with nearly complete anonymity. Just set up your rules for fields, copy and paste for your recipient list if necessary, and post quietly and with little risk to
your email box's integrity.
38 HistoryKill 98
HistoryKill protects your privacy by deleting cached files and cookies while you browse the Web and after your session.
39 HotMailer 98*
Use this add-on to your HotMail mailbox account to turn the Web-based e-mail system into a full-fledged e-mail program, complete with Read and Reply functions. Your HotMail account will
continue to use the standard POP3 and SMTP services, but it will behave much more like a standard mail client.
40 HotSend
Make e-mailing Web pages, reports, proposals, images, and more a snap with this free utility. HotSend allows you to send hassle-free attachments. No special software is needed, and recipients need onlydouble-click to read or view attachments.
41  I-Comm
Unlike Netscape Navigator and its competitors, this Web browser doesn't require any SLIP or PPP connection to surf the World Wide Web. Instead, you can browse sites with any Windows PC, modem, and Internet shell, VAX, or Freenet account.
42 Icon Phile
Download a variety of icons, including a Lego spaceship, a "splat" exclamation, and a garbage pail with a skull and crossbones.
43 ICQ 99b Beta
Notify your friends and associates that you're online, and then chat, send files, play games, or surf the Net together. This updated version gives you a complete record of every communication event you sent or received using ICQ. You can also send e-mail of unlimited size and change the background color and font of your ICQ messages. This update offers improved security features.
44 ICQ Plus 
 This customizing software lets you put a personal touch on ICQ's interface. ICQ Plus lets you apply existing skins or create new ones from ICQ's system menu. It also lets you set animated GIF or AVI files and change background images. Skin files can be imported and exported.
45 Info Keep 
Keep track of your passwords, user names, and Internet log-ins with 
this password management utility, which stores your data in encrypted 
files for maximum security. It also allows you to create unlimited 
data files, schedule password expiration, and automatically backup 
your files. 
46 Internet Explorer 5.0
 Version 5.0 of Internet Explorer features a smaller footprint, faster rendering, and a function that automatically fills out Web forms. You can also switch between preset radio stations and call up a search screen with a keyword. Includes Outlook Express, NetMeeting, and FrontPage Express. Note: Your PC must be connected to the Internet to download and install IE 5.
47 InternetMeter Inlay
Add this Internet meter add-in to Netscape Navigator or Internet Explorer and watch a live online activity monitor right inside your browser. It attaches to the top right corner of your
browser window and allows you to watch online activities, synchronize your clock, compress and decompress files, and protect your bookmarks.
48 Intermark WebSnake
 Formerly called Anawave WebSnake, WebSnake supports offline browsing,Web site mirroring (including directory structure), e-mail address retrieval, site maps, and advanced file searches.
49 IrfanView32*
This fast and simple free image viewer/converter supports all major graphics formats, including BMP, DIB, JPEG, GIF, PNG, PCX, ANI, TIF,TGA, and more. Irfan View32 offers drag-and-drop support, directory viewing, TWAIN support, slide shows, batch conversion, and effects modification such as crop, blur, and sharpen.
50 James Bond Screen Saver
Display the classic James Bond walk-on and fire sequence on your screen. You'll see Agent 007 shoot bullet holes all over your desktop to reveal images beneath, including Bond's vehicles, women, gadgets,allies, and villains.
51 1Jump
This browsing utility helps search the Web for business and corporate information. 1Jump maintains a database of over 922,000 important company Web sites and lets you search by company and brandname, stock ticker symbols, and nicknames. You can also search by region, with ZIP, postal, or telephone area codes.
52 Goldfish Screen Saver
This aquatic screen saver lets you watch three-dimensional goldfish
glide across your desktop.
53 KillTimer
Tired of being interrupted when you're on AOL? This utility will let you banish those “You have been idle” messages, Instant Messages, and invitations to chat. Once you download and install this program,put it in your Windows Startup folder.
54 Kill Win
Shut down your PC with a simple click using this handy desktop utility. Kill Win sits in your system tray and lets you shut down, restart, log off, and reboot your computer. Kill Win also lets you open DOS windows and has the ability to close folders and windows.
55 Kaufman Mail Warrior
This easy-to-use, lightweight e-mail client offers a variety of features, including an address book, multiple signatures, multiple accounts, a customizable interface, and HTML-viewing capabilities.
56 Kleptomania
This capture utility allows you to cut text from the Windows raster screen and import it to your 
Clipboard. Kleptomania lets you capture text in menus, dialog boxes, message boxes, status lines, and application areas and maintain specific text
57 Letterhead Kit
 Letterheads, fax cover sheets, and custom forms. Includes 30 message graphics for cargo, office, and 
financial information, including "Rush" and "Thank you for your payment."
58 Lost and Found
This utility will recover data from a drive that has been formatted or had one of its partitions accidentally deleted. This includes FAT or FAT32 partitions only. If the disk is spinning, there is a chance of  recovery. This demo requires registration, so the download link will take you to PowerQuest's site.
59 I Love Lucy Theme
Desktop theme featuring your favorites, Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz.
60 McAfee VirusScan for Windows 95
VirusScan detects all virus types, including Word and Excel macros, boot-sector infections, file, 
multipartite, stealth, polymorphic, and encrypted viruses.
61 McAfee Uninstaller
Remove all those unnecessary files that accumulate on your PC --Internet cache files, temp files, duplicate files, and more.UnInstaller lets you identify the amount of disk space you want to
free and then recommends the files for deletion. The download link for this file takes you to McAfee's Web site, where you have to register for the demo.
62 MailTalkX
Keep your e-mail accounts manageable with this e-mail filtering and monitoring utility. MailTalkX offers audio and visual notification of incoming e-mail, automatic updating, log file maintenance, a View Message option, and more. It supports multiple e-mail accounts and allows you to customize your audio notification so that preset WAV files play when you receive e-mail from a specific person.
63 Memory+
This utility integrates with Windows to give you control over the memory used by different applications. It allows you to assign more memory to programs to make them quicker and more responsive. It also allows you to put unused programs to sleep, monitor how your computer is using memory, fine-tune your computer's caching, and recover large amounts of RAM.
64 Meta-Mouse
Have trouble seeing your mouse cursor? This utility improves its visibility by making it blink, increasing its size, and changing its shape. The cursor can display a large black arrow with a white border or a large white arrow with a black border. Also, the normally white part of the cursor can be changed to one of several other colors,including dynamic color cycling.
65 Microsoft Outlook 98
Latest release of Outlook 98 is available from Microsoft's download site by running the setup.exe file in this archive.
66 mIRC
 Chat away with this fully customizable IRC client. mIRC features include a clean, intuitive user interface; an events handler; full send and receive capabilities, and more. This updated version allows you to directly launch Web sites sent to you.
67 MPFree
This free and easy-to-use MP3 software is perfect for cluttered and overtaxed desktops. MPFree utilizes the Xaudio engine, and it offers a full of range of playlist controls. It also offers a mask editor,which lets you completely customize your player.
68 MSIE Son of Cuartango 
This file contains Microsoft's updated "Untrusted Scripted Paste"patch for Internet Explorer. The new patch fixes both the original security vulnerability named after researcher Juan Carlos Garcia Cuartango and a recently discovered variant of this problem
69 MSN Messenger Service
This instant messaging application notifies you when your net-buddiesare online and lets you chat with several of them simultaneously. MSN Messenger Service also lets you access your Hotmail account from its interface and alerts you when you have new mail. MSN Messenger Service supports AOL Instant Messenger so you can chat with AOL users, and it offers integration with Outlook Express 5.0.
70 MTU-Speed Pro*
Change settings in your Windows 95 Registry that affect transfer and throughput speeds with this utility. MTU-Speed helps you fine-tune settings that may not be right for TCP/IP connections.
71 My world
This interactive globe puts the world at your fingertips. My World integrates with your Internet browser, allowing you to double-click your way to any country or place. My World offers a customizable interface and maintains a database of cool links and files.
72 NeoPlanet*
Fully functional Web browser and "portable portal" based on the IE engine.
73 NeoTrace
Want to hunt down who's sending you SPAM? NeoTrace will tell you just about everything about your connection. Say you try to connect to a favorite Web site but no matter how many times you try, you get an error message. Use NeoTrace to find out why. Even if you're just curious about how you're connected to the Internet, NeoTrace is worth the download.
74 Netscape Communicator*
This is the latest version of the most popular Web and communications suite around, featuring Smart Browsing, enhanced encryption, and improved speed and stability. Includes Navigator (the browser),Messenger (e-mail client), Composer (HTML editor), and Instant Messenger (Web-based chat client).
75 Norton Utilities 3 Trial
Full-featured, 30-day trial of this utility suite repairs hardware and software problems. The suite fixes problems in your Windows registry, protects against application crashes and screen freezes, and letsyou save rescue information to an Iomega Zip or Jaz drive. This version includes a "Connection Doctor" that tests your modem to ensure that it doesn't have any hardware or software conflicts with your PC.
76 Pagoo
This Internet utility delivers voicemail messages directly to your computer while you're online. Just tell your friends and clients to call the Pagoo center from any phone and leave a voice or numeric message--it will arrive on your desktop in a few seconds, as it would to a pager. You can also send messages to other Pagoo users with this release.
77 PowerTools Light Edition
This package adds features to your AOL chats, instant messages, and buddy list. It also lets you add signatures to your e-mails.
78 PPP Boost
Use this utility to make changes to specific Registry settings that affect your Internet transfer speeds. PPP Boost changes the Windows 95 defaults from LAN settings to settings more
typical of an online TCP/IP setup.
79 RAMBooster
 Free up your RAM and monitor your PC's memory with this system utility. RAMBooster defragments your RAM, freeing it up so your PC runs faster and smoother. It also keeps track of your system's memory at all times and will automatically boost your RAM if it gets too low.
80 RealJukebox
This file lets you play CDs, RealAudio, MP3, A2B, Liquid Audio, IBM's EMMS, and other popular music formats. You can also record CDs at near CD quality (up to 96 kbps). Download exclusive, free songs for RealJukebox users. The file is compatible with portable digital music players.
81 RelayFax
Give all your network users full faxing capabilities directly from their desktops with this client/server email-to-fax utility. RelayFax offers both network and remote users full faxing capabilities by integrating with your existing e-mail system. It features e-mail attachment faxing, custom cover pages, automatic modem detection, and more.
 Want to create e-copies of your photos, but don't have a scanner? One option is to find one of those photo scanning machines at your local photo-developing drugstore. Only problem is these machines cost a pretty penny (the one near me is $6.99 for one job). For FREE scanning, point your Web browser to Gather up your pictures, send them to the proper address (with aself-addressed, stamped envelope, if you want them back), and when it receives them, will e-mail you with the Web address of your new "photo album." From there, you can title your pictures, select which ones you want to keep in the album, and so on. For a review of, check out,1510,12813,00.html
83 ShutdownPlus
This utility replaces the standard Windows shutdown/log-off dialog box. You can schedule an automatic shutdown, restart, or log off at the end of the day. This version also lets you automatically restart Windows computers on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, which is useful for network administrators who need to do a weekly or monthly backup.
84 Smart Site*
This Web mapping and traffic analysis software helps maintain polished and professional Web sites. Smart Site simplifies site quality control, enabling users to find broken links, slow loading pages, spelling mistakes, and more. The traffic analysis feature helps increase the potential effectiveness of sites by creating comprehensive, customizable usage reports.
85 Spam Buster
This junk e-mail killer runs from the system tray and deletes spam before it ever gets to your mailbox. Filters for more than 15,000 spammers are included. You can easily configure Spam Buster to filter up to 12 mailboxes.
86 Spam Hater
Can't stand the flood of junk e-mail that's taken over your in box?Spam Hater will track down the senders, no matter how inscrutable the message header, and send a complaint letter to the spammers.
87 SpeedNet
This surfing accelerator speeds up your Internet connection for faster browsing. SpeedNet allows you to optimize your dial-up modem settings and supports higher bandwidth connections such as Cable, DSL, and ISDN.
88 Spider
MSIE has a little known privacy 'bug/feature' in which it stores visited URLs in hidden 'index.dat' files even after users clear cache and history files. Spider finds these files and allows you to delete them from your hard drive. Spider also lets you clear temporary Internet and history files as well as cookies.
89 Stay Alive
This desktop utility keeps your applications running after they crash so you can save your work before you exit the application. Stay Alive offers automatic crash protection so you can easily recover work when programs crash.
90 Stay Connected! 
This application prevents Internet service providers from 
disconnecting you due to inactivity. It sits in your system tray and
automatically dials your ISP and logs on. When you are idle, it 
simulates random activity to keep you connected. This version offers 
extended AOL support and CompuServe 2000 compatibility. 
91 System Cleaner 98*
 Clean up your PC by finding and removing error-prone junk files.Quickly scan your hard drive for duplicate files, then zip or delete them. System Cleaner eliminates unneeded temporary and cache files that clutter your directories.
92 Talking Email
This utility notifies you when you've received e-mail, then can read the message to you. It supports plain text, HTML, and RTF formats.
Chianti or Spumanti? Taste, swish, nose and swallow? Learn all you need to know about the wonderful world of wine with TipWorld's Wine Tips.  Every day, TipWorld's experts will send you theinformation you need about terminology, techniques, tasting, and how to find that perfect vino.
94 Tiramisu Data Recovery
This utility can remedy corrupted FAT tables, inaccessible partitions, virus attacks, and accidental reformatting. Tiramisu scans your drive and rebuilds the file table in memory to facilitate the safe transfer of data to another device. This demo will only identify which files are recoverable; to perform the recovery, you have to purchase the full version. Note: The EXE files below are diskette creators. Once you run them, Windows will guide you through the process of extracting the files onto a 3.5" floppy disk.
95 Tune It!
Powerful utility helps you manage your Windows 95 system.
96 Trouble in Paradise
Determine whether an Iomega Jaz or Zip drive is prone to developing the dreaded Click of Death syndrome.
97 WebDrive
Make Internet FTP sites look like a network drive with this FTP client. WebDrive lets you edit files on your FTP server using your favorite editing applications.
98 Wedding Invitations
This Microsoft Publisher template includes everything you need to create personalized wedding invitations.
99 Windows 95 Tips, Tricks, and Secrets
 This compilation of Windows 95 tips is a little different than usual because most of the information cannot be found by using Windows 95 from day to day--we don't dwell on simple things that most peoplewill figure out on their own.
VINNY'S GIZMOS may contain links to sites on the Internet which are owned and operated by third parties.Drummond & Co. , is not responsible for the availability of, or the content located on or through, any such third-party site.Neither Vinny , the Informed Investor or Drummond & Co.can take any responsibility in regards to the programmes suggested on this website.
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5 Star Shareware
Huge, simply huge! 5 Star Shareware is one of the largest shareware download sites out there, covering a very wide range of products for a very wide range of uses. Mostly Internet related, the selection of applications available ranges from browsers and anti-virus utilities to Web promotion tools. If you need it 5 Star's probably got it. Like many shareware download sites 5 Star is not much to look at with simple listing style hyper links, and next to no graphical content. provides a wide range of totally free screensaver downloads. The screensavers available are divided into six different sections of interest with a comprehensive description of the content and quality of each download. This is a great feature, which will hopefully become more widespread. More often than not you have no idea of the quality of your chosen download until you've installed it. These screensavers are most suitable for home users, but could be used in the office, tolerant boss permitting!
CNET's download section is highly functional website in its own right, covering a wide range of free downloads to use for business, home and fun. The downloads are divided, by end user needs, into eleven sections making it quick and easy to find what you're looking for. To look at, is practical and to the point, the pages load quickly and are not slowed by graphics and sound. Although it must be said that it's not going to win any innovative design awards.
Icons Plus
Star Wars saga, the X-Men and Star Trek are just some of the many excellent icons available from Icons Plus. And that's not all, desktop images and patterns, as well as specialised fonts can also be downloaded for Windows and Mac OS. The quality and variety of all the products is particularly high, almost guaranteed to brighten up that boring Windows desktop or add a bit of interest to those boring yellow folder icons you have look at day in, day out!
Shareware is software that you can try before you buy - or it might even be completely free of charge. Users can access the 250,000 shareware software download files by searching the database in one of two ways. By individual keyword search, or by browsing the appropriate category. CNET has divided it's downloads by end user needs, to prevent you having to conduct a long search in order to find what you're looking for. Additional features are a 'most popular' downloads section, what's new section and a section of CNET recommendations.
DaveCentral is a really neatly designed shareware software archive, for both the Windows and Linux platforms. Simply click on the archive that you want to access, and select the section of software that you are interested in from the explorer-like menu.
The approach is just right. You can find what you want easily, but without being swamped by pages full of graphics. Plus you get access to a search engine to help you find what you are looking for.
Stroud's CWSApps
This section of Stroud's is a very comprehensive resource for professional and home user PC downloads. From browsers to anti-virus, practically everything is covered. It should be noted that there is only a very small fun section to this site. Most of the products available are strictly functional and in some cases for use by those who already have the technological know how.
Design wise, Strouds download section is nothing special. Sensibly, graphics are kept to a minimum in order to minimise the time it takes to download the product you're after.
If ever a person had a truly brilliant idea for a web site, then is it. Don't let your internet bookmarks be without it.The idea is a simple one; gather together all of the drivers for the hardware out there, and then let people download it. Why not just use the manufacturers site? Well two reasons really. First manufacturers go bust, so this way you've got access to drivers that otherwise may of disappeared, and secondly it's a single place to look, instead of delving through the manufacturers web site.





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E-Mail by Phone
Do you wish you could pick up your e-mail by phone? With Mail and, you can. Just point your Web browser to http://www.mailandnews.comand set up your free e-mail account. To check for messages by phone, just call the number given to you, enter your user name and password, and listen as your mail is read to you! You can even reply to a message by talking into the phone.. General Magic recently introduced another free service, myTalk, that also allows you to keep up with e-mail by phone.
Once you've set up an account at just call the specified number and tell the voice-friendly service what you want to do--for example, "Read it," or "Get rid of it." And don't be surprised when it talks back!

SHOUTMAIL.COM GOES BOTH WAYS takes all of this phone/e-mail integration one step further.
Not only can you retrieve messages from your free account (or from your Yahoo, Hotmail, and soon, AOL accounts), but you can use it to SEND voice e-mail messages (as long as the recipient is in your Personal Directory). Which means if you aren't near a computer and need to send an e-mail, all you need is a phone. Just dial the specified number, select a recipient,speak your mind, and off goes the message. The recipient gets an e-mail message prompting them to listen to the audio attachment (your voice message) using RealAudio or by simply playing the *.wavfile. Way cool.

In previous tips, I've suggested some handy services for sending and receiving e-mail by phone, and for receiving faxes. In response,reader J. N. writes:
"I have a tip for you about a voice mail service that also reads e-mail and lets you send and receivefaxes. It is"

Thanks for sharing. is an all-in-one service that lets you send and receive voice mail (via e-mail), e-mail, and faxes--all for free. You even get an 800 number to use for 30 free minutes each month.

Do you find the buttons on your windows' scrollbars too small to grab onto? (In case you aren't sure what scrollbars are, they're the bars on the right and bottom edges of windows that allow you to scroll up and down, or left and right, to view the contents that aren't currently visible.) Then make them bigger.

First open the Display Properties dialog box by right-clicking the desktop and selecting Properties. Select the Appearance tab, and in the dropdown list under Item, select Scrollbar. Adjust the Size (just to the right of the Item field), and when you're happy with the new look, as displayed in the preview area, click OK. Can't miss those buttons now!

(Tip-in-a-tip: To make the change a permanent part of a color scheme, click Save As, type the name of the scheme, and click OK.)


Do you frequently type documents that require foreign characters (of multiple languages)? Forget all that tedious searching through the Character Map. Change your keyboard layout to United States-International, and you can type these characters right from your keyboard. (Note: This tip assumes your default language is set to English [United States].)

Open Control Panel, double-click Keyboard, and click the Language tab. With English (United States) selected under Language, click the Properties button, then click the down arrow and select United States-International. Click OK twice, and insert the Windows 95 installation CD when asked.
The international layout adds one or two characters to certain keys on your keyboard. Hold down your keyboard's right Alt key (referred to as the Alternate Character, or AltChar, key) as you press each key on your keyboard. Now do the same pressing Shift-AltChar in combination with each key.

As you go through the keys, make a mental note of the keyboard combos necessary to type the characters you use. For example, to type an uppercase E with an accent that goes up and to the right, you'd press Shift-AltChar-E.

In our last tip, we showed you how to switch your keyboard to the .S.-International layout, which adds up to two characters to certain keys on your keyboard: In Control Panel, double-click Keyboard,click the Language tab, click Properties, select United States-International, and click OK twice. To use the new characters, press a key in combination with the AltChar key (the right Alt key on your keyboard) or Shift-AltChar. (Note: This tip assumes your default language is set to English [United States].)Now let's look at another component of this international layout--assistance keys. There are five keys on your keyboard--the apostrophe ('), the back quote (`), the circumflex (^), the double-quote ("), and the tilde (~)--that now act as assistants in making, respectively, an acute accent, a grave accent, a hat over a vowel, an umlaut, and the squiggle over the N in the Spanish wordse nor.

For example, to type an E with an umlaut (the two dots) over it, press the double-quote ("), then press the letter E. Or to type an O with a hat over it, press the circumflex (^), then press the letter O.
In the first tip ,  we showed you how to switch your keyboard to the .S.-International layout, which adds up to two characters to certain keys on your keyboard:
In Control Panel, double-click Keyboard, click the Language tab, click Properties, select United States-International, and click OK twice. To use the new characters, press a key in combination with the AltChar key (the right Alt key on your keyboard) or Shift-AltChar.

(Note: This tip assumes your default language is set to English [United States].)

Then, in our last tip, we told you that there are five "assistance" keys--the apostrophe ('), the back quote (`),
the circumflex (^), the double-quote ("), and the tilde (~)--that, when pressed in combination with another key, make an acute accent, a grave accent, a hat over a  vowel, an umlaut, and a squiggle (as over the N in the Spanish word senor), respectively.

The big question is, how do you use one of the assistance keys as it's supposed to be used? For example, let's suppose you wanted to type the letter E within single quotes: 'E'. With the international layout turned on, typing a single quote and then E would result in an E with an accent over it. And typing the second quote would do absolutely nothing (that assistance key is waiting for a key to assist).

The solution? Any time you want to type an assistance key as it was meant to be used, enter a space after it. So in the example above, you'd type a single quote, press Spacebar, type E, then a single quote, and press Spacebar.


Reader R. writes, "Recently you told us how to change to the 
English-International alphabet. Now I am wondering where I can get a spell checker for Spanish. (I do some translating work as a volunteer.)" 

Actually, that depends on the word processor you're using. Windows 95 doesn't have a system-wide spell checker, per se. If you're using Microsoft Word, you can obtain language-proofing tools through: 

Alki Software Corporation 
300 Queen Anne Ave. N., Suite 410 
Seattle, WA 98109 
Phone: (206) 286-2600 
Fax: (206) 286-2785 
Support: (206) 286-2780 
Orders: (800) NOW-WORD (669-9673) 
Internet Web page:

Also, you may wish to check out the following Web page for more info:
If you're using another word processor, check with that company for information. 


A recently discovered worm called "Bubbleboy" (after a Seinfeld episode) sets new standards for viruses. Unlike Melissa and its variants, which require a user to open an e-mail attachment in order to become infected, Bubbleboy opens the e-mail it rides in on BY ITSELF. Fortunately, this particular virus is not dangerous to your system--it simply spreads by sending itself to everyone in your 
address book--but it's scary to think what would happen if a malicious variant were released. And we all know it will be. 

Anyone using Outlook Express or Outlook under Windows 95, 98, or 2000 with Internet Explorer 5.0 installed is at risk. Be on the lookout for an e-mail with the subject, "Bubbleboy is Back!" If you're using Outlook Express, don't even preview the message. Doing so will infect your system. Outlook users, you need to open the message in a new window to become infected. 

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