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If you're getting charged for

•  Late payments
•  Exceeding your agreed limit
   We could claim it back - NO WIN, NO FEE *

Credit card providers make billions of pounds every year from people just like you. They attach excessive charges at every available opportunity and it's not fair. They could owe you thousands.

 Do not accept these charges contact us on Hotline
or email: email and we will contest the charges. (UK Only)

Do You Need To replan your finances so as to reduce payments and free more of your income? We can introduce you to obtain:
email BY EMAIL
or Call
For Immediate decisions in principle
Masked Account

Golden turd Shitstirrers of Wessex
 The Ultimate Stressbreakers!

 Better than medication.
You can utilise our Central London Billboard to nominate  THE SHIT OF THE DAY 

 turdbowl Don't be harassed anymore!  Shitstirrers of Wessex are here to eliminate debt and harassment stress.
You are only under stress because those cowboys of the world intend you to be frightened . They are nothing more than other human beings? trying to make money out of your misery. We put MISERY into their lives because THE LAW IS USUALLY ON YOUR SIDE. So you can either send them a box of our prime turds (see left) or use Shitstirrers of Wessex to eliminate the pests.

Are you fed up with salesmen, debt collectors, parking tickets, petty officials and pesterers?

Do you agree with the Victor Meldrews of this world?
If so Shitstirrers are for you. We are a specialist service to deal with these characters with our dedicated team. Let us introduce them to you.
Our great leader is Adolf Shitler. He stands for no nonsense and has decreed that all these pests be destroyed. For this purpose he has trained a team of turdinators.
  They will eliminate the pests from your life. They are the ultimate weapons in the armoury.  

 However for the more delicate minded. The softly softly approach can be taken by using Shitstirrers who will
write back to the Urine takers. Stating the law for harassment and the consequences of their actions. Threatening to report them to the bogfathers.
Alternatively a stupid letter will be sent by one of our dumbshits writing an incomprehensible letter, which wastes time and money.


This letter writing system should get rid of 90% of the pests and costs just £10 a letter from either the shitstirrers or the dumbshits.

Another course is taken by Lazyshits who request details and documents to be produced in triplicate on incomprehensible forms, which they send back to the perpetrators in Italian.
Shitstirrers of Wessex is your way of dealing with the stupid bureaucracy in this world. It also deals with the irritants that destroy our peace of mind. So if you have a problem contact me, Shat The Ripper.
Shat The ripper
At Shitstirrers of Wessex,
16 High Street, Chard, Somerset TA20 1QB


No offence is meant to any of the characters above
we just find that they assist in making sure our letters are read.
Any similarity between any living or dead people is purely intentional
Tarrifs are relevant to work undertaken

Stop Worrying!



Our system works no matter if your credit record is perfect or terrible. We can help if you are current on your credit card payments or behind.

Please fill out the following form. Then one of our highly trained professionals will call you and explain our program to you with no cost or obligation. Then you can make a well-informed decision to use our services or not. Client Privilege protects all information..

Golden Turd Does This Sound Like You? 
Golden turd Tired of making never ending CREDIT CARD payments.
Golden turd   Feel like your balance never goes down.
Golden turd   Worried that you will never get the debt paid off.
Golden turd   Tired of having no money left over every month.
Golden turd   Feel overwhelmed by the amount of debt you owe.
Golden turd   Getting harassment calls from creditors.
Golden turd   Don't want to file for bankruptcy as a way out.
Something Can Be Done About It.
Let Us Show You How We Can Help!


By Using this programme you'll be able to:

  1. Learn how we use the law to Wipe Out Credit Card Debt. . .
  2. Money Back Guarantee.
  3. Send Bank Notification of Final Payment
  4. Stop Making Monthly Payments Immediately 
  5. Eliminate ALL Collection and Harassment Calls
  6. Remove Negative Items from Your Credit Report
  7. Available in Uk only.
  • daleks We did NOT say, "REDUCE IT!" ,
  • We did NOT say, "CONSOLIDATE IT!"
  • We did NOT say, "Loans" 
  • We did NOT say, "BANKRUPTCY!"   
Copy form & Send to :

  All information given herein is strictly confidential and will not be re-distributed
for any purpose other than for the specific use intended.

TEL(UK) :Hotline
UK Fax :+44 (0) 845 862 1954
or E-Mail:

*City: *State/County:
Country: *Zip/Post Code: 
Phone:  Home Work
Mobile Phone
 Would you like to receive info on Repairing your Credit in 90 days, guaranteed.
Yes No

IMPORTANT: We can only work with you if we can talk to you on the phone. If you do not give us a phone number that we can reach you at, then we have no choice but to stop our efforts to contact you and explain this significant debt elimination ability.

Shitstirrers of Wessex - The Ultimate Stressbreakers!
Better than medication.

The following Services can also be arranged by application
Cheque Encashment Get your Credit File Replacement Pay slips Replacement birth/death certificates Car Finance CCJ Repairs by negotiation
Hotline : Hotline
 Fax: 0845 862 1954
Mobile No : 0709 217 5220
or email to:
FREE Bankruptcy Information
Get the detailed information that you need to know before going bankrupt. View frequently asked questions such as should I feel guilty about  bankruptcy? Do I have give up any of my property when I file? And can I "run up" my credit cards?  Learn about which debts are completely eliminated after your bankruptcy proceeding and which are not. Learn how to stop creditors from calling . Please read this information before making a decision.
Valuable Bankruptcy Tips

FREE information for those people who are thinking about filing personal bankruptcy. Learn:

  1. 1) How to know if filing bankruptcy is your best option? 
  2. 2)  If you decide to file, how do you file without paying huge lawyer fees? 
  3. 3) What is the quickest way to rebuild my credit back to an "A Rating" after my bankruptcy? 
If you want to save time and money, avoid mistakes and possibly disastrous situations contact us  BEFORE proceeding.


You may be shocked by all the phoney information that is circulating about the pro and cons of bankruptcy (some spread by credit card companies). Here is a small sample of the secrets you will learn:

Discover why bankruptcy may actually improve your credit rating! 

Learn to Restart your life Completely Debt Free.

How to stop your creditors dead in their tracks! How to immediately stop: 

  • a. Foreclosures 
  • b. Evictions 
  • c. Wage Garnishments 
  • d. Seizures 
  • e. Liens 
  • f. Creditor lawsuits
Learn to identify when there are better solutions to your financial problems than bankruptcy

How to know if you need a lawyer to help you.

How to identify which debts ARE eliminated in bankruptcy and which ARE NOT!

What if you charged up your credit card(s) just before filing! 


1) The law does not require that you retain a lawyer to help you file bankruptcy 
2) The vast majority of personal bankruptcy cases are highly routine and could easily be handled without paying unnecessary lawyer fees.

Here is a small sample of the step by step instructions that you will receive.

  1. Learn how to keep all of your property from being taken by creditors using "Exemptions".
  2. Learn the three steps for determining what property you can keep when you file for bankruptcy.
  3. Learn how to keep your car and your house even if you still owe money on them.
  4. Learn how to keep your credit card company from closing your account.
  5. Learn what to expect after you file and how long it takes.
  6. Learn the likely questions that the court appointed trustee will ask you.
  7. Things to do BEFORE you file that may save your case!
  8. Learn how your "disposable" income is determined and why it could cause the dismissal of your entire case.

Here is another big secret that many creditors don't want you to know: You can regain an "A Credit Rating" in a short time after your bankruptcy if you follow some simple techniques. 

By following the totally legal steps that we provide, you can have an excellent credit rating within a year or two out of your bankruptcy. Here is a small sample of what you will learn:

  1. Learn the exact steps to take to put your credit back on the fast track to a top credit rating
  2. How does a creditor determine your "creditworthiness?"
  3. Learn why Bankruptcy in some cases actually Helps Your Credit Rating
  4. Learn to get a free copy of your credit report
  5. Learn how easy it is to get negative marks removed from your credit report
There is so much information, It could not possibly be listed all here.
If you're thinking about going bankrupt you NEED this kind of straight up information. If you want to save time and money, avoid mistakes and possibly disastrous situations - then arrange an appointment immediately.

Filing your own bankruptcy is perfectly legal .   Don't get suckered into paying for legal services that you don't need!  You can complete the bankruptcy petition forms from the comfort and privacy of your own home.

If you are thinking about freeing yourself from "Economic Slavery" and Restarting your life Debt-Free, then E-Mail Mercury Management Consultants IMMEDIATELY.

To request a FREE Debt consultation call 0870 199 3871or email it to us at

Discuss your Debt problem with an Experienced Debt Reduction Pro . FREE INITIAL  CONSULTATION

Information To Help YOU Restart Your Life "Debt Free."

Learn whether going bankrupt is the best decision for YOU? 

If YOU decide to go bankrupt, how do you file without paying huge lawyer fees

What is the quickest way to rebuild your credit back to an "A Rating" after bankruptcy? 

Learn How To Reduce Your Credit Card Interest Rates   Without a Loan or going bankrupt ! 

Debt Consolidation
Find out how to lower your monthly credit card payments and combine them into one easy to manage monthly statement without a loan.

Free Personal Bankruptcy Information
For many people bankruptcy represents the best possible solution to debt problems. Learn whether bankruptcy is right for you with FREE information.

Repair and Rebuild Your Credit Rating
Tired of being denied credit or paying unreasonably high interest rates on your loans because of your bad credit?  Learn to quickly repair and rebuild your credit rating .

Tax Problems?
Owe Money to the Inland Revenue?  Let us show you how we can END Your Income Tax Problems Quickly and Affordably using these little known programmes.  The choice is yours, you can run and hide or let us show you how to get a fresh start by using these Inland Revenue debt repayment programmes.

No-Nonsense Help Reducing Debt and Interest.
Sign-up for a Debt Reduction Analysis.

  • Immediately Reduce your minimum payments by up to 50% 
  • Completely Eliminate the  interest you pay

  • on your debt.
  • Eliminate late charges and over the limit fees!
  • Eliminate creditor harassment
  • Drastically  reduce your pay off  time.
  • Save thousands of £'s in interest and late charges
  • There is no need to own property or have equity in a home for us to help you
    Take Control Of Your Debt Problems Now. Sign up for a Free Consultation Right Now. 

    Use our service and learn how our debt management programme can lower your monthly payments and Stop your creditors from eating you alive with excessively high interest rates.
    Even if you have no property or equity, we can still consolidate your debts and save you big money! 

    Our debt counselling and consolidation service has taken the hassle and guesswork out of finding an honest, affordable debt reduction professional.

    If you have started looking for help,  it usually means that you have decided to take action to improve your situation. However, we understand that looking for someone to help you through financial hard times is usually the last thing that people want to do!  This is where our free service can help. 
Drummond & Co
24 hour Hotline  Tel: Hotline
13 Nottingham Place, London, W1U 5LE
Fax : +44(0) 845 862 1954

    or E-Mail :

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Think all banks are the same? Think again. No hassles. No late payments. No unexpected charges. Just real help with your finances.
Welcome to thinkbanking.
No credit check bank accounts
Bank accounts for bad credit IVA bank accounts Bankrupt bank accounts
Why worry about budgeting when we can do it all for you? We'll set aside money from your account so your bills are paid, leaving you to get on with your life.
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Bring some certainty to your finances.
With a thinkbanking current account, we'll never charge you for missed / late payments, or for going overdrawn.
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Ways to bank with us
  • Internet banking
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  • thinkbanking Debit MasterCard
  • Cashpoint
The current account that helps you budget
Our account has a budgeting service built-in. We'll look after all your regular bills and payments, so you know exactly what you can spend on the good things in life. You get:
  • Real people looking after your money for you
  • No more charges for overdrafts or missed payments
  • Peace of mind, with us managing your regular bills
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thinkbanking Debit MasterCard®
Our thinkbanking card gives you instant access to your cash.
  • Access cash easily
  • Accepted worldwide
  • £450 daily limit
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Compare insurance quotes and look to get the cover you need from think insure.
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Compare a wide range of mortgages and find the best deals from a panel of lenders.
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Compare insurance quotes and look to get the cover you need from think insure.
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Credit cards
Our free credit card comparison table makes it easy to compare the best offers.
Whether you're saving for the long or short term, our savings account could be right for you.
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How our account works
See our simple step-by-step guide to how the thinkbanking account works.
Find out how it works
About thinkbanking
We're not like other banks. Find out more about our values, awards and charity work.
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No credit check bank accounts Bank accounts for bad credit

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