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Going Platinum
What most Internet users don't realize is that from the moment you log on until the moment you log off you are generating a good deal of cash, even if you do not buy or fill out anything!

Competition on the Internet has grown to the point that web-based companies are paying sizeable "referral fees" and "commissions" to the ISP (Internet Service Provider), Portal, Search Engine, or even the personal web page owner that directs you to their site. If you happen to buy something, provide a little information, or take advantage of a useful service, the money changing hands is that much greater.

Whether a big banner advertisement or a simple highlighted text link, if you clicked on it or even just viewed it, that web page owner is more than likely cashing in.

Some of the larger ISPs make so much money from these advertisements and links it is almost unimaginable that they also charge you a monthly fee for the privilege of allowing them to be your Internet gateway. 

Your membership in Going Platinum™ will change your view of the Internet forever by enabling you to profit from it whether you are online or not. 

Membership in Going Platinum™ affords you the opportunity to earn money through 2 uniquely different, yet related programs: 

The Going Platinum Community is a cooperative online community that pays you the "referral fees" and "commissions" that you and your friends' presence on the Internet generate. It is designed to turn every Internet session into an income-producing event.

The Going Platinum Affiliate Program)is our dynamic membership plan that pays you just for participating. It also helps you to earn much, much more in the GPC even if you play the most passive of roles in the programme.


Going Platinum is a new cooperative online community  that PAYS YOU and is certain to change the way that you  use the Internet forever! 

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The Informed Investor is now operating a new and lucrative advertising system. Approved companies may advertise their wares by utilising a section of the Informed Investor. The Informed Investor will not charge for the advert as such. Instead they will work out with you a % to be paid to The Informed Investor on business resulting from the advert. Therefore you take no risk  when you advertise. Ours policy is to make all advertisers happy.
For further details call our advertising department on 0870 199 3871 ( in UK)

Sex Sites Are Not The Only Ones That Can Pull In  £1,000 to £5000 a Week

Ok...the full scoop...

I discovered it...

The ultimate secret to creating a real money-machine on the Internet! A Money-Machine That Can Not Be Stopped!

A money machine that, once you get it started, will continue to advertise itself without you doing anything more. After I discovered this strategy hundreds of ideas started pouring into my mind.  The possibilities are excitingly unlimited. It still amazes me to this day how many have not caught onto
this way of doing business.

So what is this secret ?

Ok...this is it, in 2 parts...

The Products I Sell Can Be Downloaded or Accessed By
The Buyer Online - The Same Day He or She Orders!!
Instant Access!!
It Turns Browsers Into Buyers!

I Accept Dealers For The Products I Sell!!
(Webmasters with banners on their site...etc)

Although the major reason sex sites make a lot of money in the first place is because the word 'sex' is the #1 most searched for word on the Internet. Strange but true. The
next major reason why they make so much money is because their product can be instantly accessed!!

This concept takes advantage of a habit of human nature we
are almost all guilty of....

The desire to Have It Now - better known as Immediate Gratification!

Think about it, if you really want something, what would you
rather do - wait 3 weeks for it to arrive in the mail or buy it online and get it all the same day? Sometimes just seconds later!

The simple fact that your customer will get it now can increase your sales by 100 times - It is absolutely
irresistible! It's making the sites of those who use this strategy explode with sales of £200 to£$1000 a day and even more!!

Do you have a report, book, cd or software product that can be downloaded online? If so you have the makings of an incredible money-maker. All you need to do is make it available for download - create a super hot page packed with
the benefits of your product and you will sell ten times more than with anything you have to mail!!

Now, the second part...

There are literally hundreds of thousands of web sites out there who are looking for referral deals so they can make their pages more profitable. What is a referral deal? Very simple, the web site owner places a banner or report of
yours on their web site...when people read your report or
click on your banner and order - the web site owner get's a
commission for the order coming from their web site!

 I have a report that explains how to get your site setup with
our scripts to accept dealers. These scripts will
automatically notify your dealers by email when an order is
placed with their code# and total commissions each week or
month with the click of a button. This will save you from
spending the hundreds or even thousands on scripts as I

Most of the people on the net that want to make money DO NOT
want to go through the effort of creating their own product.
They are more than happy to make money from other people's
programs that are already set up.

Now...let's say you've got it all set up...how does it grow
on it's own?

Again, very simple. As people come to order from other sites
they will see that you offer commissions if they will put
your banner on their site. I really had no idea exactly how
many would take me up on it when I decided to do this.
However, I was shocked to discover a never ending supply of
people wanting to make money like this with their sites.

My own site has continued to grow exactly like I've told you
here. As of now I have over 8000  members. I have room for 100,000 more and I will get them! I don't worry about competition. That's something else I learned, there
are millions of buyers on the net today with tons more coming on every minute.

If you really want to make money on the internet, and don't
want to become a porno king or queen to do it. 
Warrior Allen

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Hazel Simmonds Our New Ideas Correspondent  writes: 
Drummond & Co want to help you market your ideas. 
You will have seen on this and other pages in this INFORMED INVESTOR several ideas which enable people to assist others.

The INFORMED INVESTOR is really a community of  people helping themselves and others like them. It is a forum of ideas and plans. Whilst we hope and trust that you are gaining from reading us online just think how much you could profit if you had a regular stream of other people utilising a plan or scheme devised by you.

Have you dreamt up a marketable scheme ? If the answer is yes then utilise the wonderful facilities available from Drummond & Co through the Informed Investor. Thousands of people are utilising our website throughout the world.

Not just with profit making ideas but as you can see elsewhere on this page by utilising the net to help them communicate. I am here at the Informed Investor to assist YOU to get onto the net and promote your website.

Within days from now you can be dealing with a stream of enquiries. The other schemes here have been devised by people like you. So join in.
All you have to do is e-mail me here at the Informed Investor.

Hazel Simmonds 

Twelve questions you should ask yourself.
So your website is getting visitors, but not enough are buying.
A common online problem, unfortunately.  Here are twelve common faults found with websites that don't sell. If you answer no
to any of them, you need to take action.

1) Does your text focus on emphasizing the benefits and the results    the customer will get from purchasing and using it?

Sales copy needs to be focused on the benefits to the end user,
not on the features of the product. List the features, and then
translate them into benefits the customer will get. Move away
from "our Widget does this, this and this.." to  "You will soon
be doing this .."

2) Does your website convey enough strong benefits?

Brainstorm to come up with a list of benefits. Rank them in order
of importance. Then mention them in order throughout the text,
best first . Summarizing  them with bullet points too also works

3) Does you text stimulate the emotions?

People buy with the heart not the head - so try and stimulate
emotions - use words to paint a picture of life after they've
bought your product " Imagine the freedom of no more back pain."
or " ..money worries could soon be a thing of the past, and you
could soon be taking those exotic vacations".

4)) Does the headline grab and draw you in?

You've got to try to stop them dead in their tracks with the
headline. Use the best benefit of your product, and create interest
so they read on. Make it hard hitting, but not unbelievable.

5) Do you have a call to action?

People put off decisions, even if they're 90% sold on your product,
they may still decide to "sleep on it". Don't let them have time
to forget - give them an incentive to purchase now - discounts,
bonuses etc.

6) Does your website load and function ok?

Slow load times may cause people to get impatient and go elsewhere,
even though it registers a visit. Do all links work, and more
importantly, have you tested your order page by running dummy

7) Do you have any testimonials from satisfied customers?

Testimonials are everywhere online, and people expect them as
a matter of course. Ask those who have purchased what they thought
-email them a simple customer satisfaction survey, offer a freebie
for replying and use the best comments. If your product is free, try
a testimonial swap with a seller of a complementary (but not
directly competing) product -offer to review his product if he
reviews yours.

8) Do you take a credit cards?

I shouldn't really have to ask this now should I? It's a plain
fact that you are going to lose a huge amount of customers if
you don't accept them.

9) Are you absolutely sure there's a market for it?

Does anyone else sell anything similar -if so, there should be
a market for it. If it's a highly unique product, did you do
a survey or market research to see if anyone wanted to buy it?
If not, canvass opinion from forums and newsgroups.

10) Is your website easy on the eye?

Strong colors can make text difficult to read -it doesn't matter
how good your offer is, if someone gets a headache looking at
the screen there going to give up.

11) Do you offer a guarantee?

Most people are wary of getting "scammed" online, so remove those doubts - offer a guarantee. Make it as unconditional as you can.

12) Can you compete with your competitors?

Do you have any big competitors who are just cornering the market
and "blowing you away"? Are  customers just visiting your site
to "comparison shop" and returning  to your competitor to buy. If this is a possibility,  try to devise a unique selling point
(USP) which differentiates your product from others - perhaps
you can compete on quality, benefits, or price. Emphasize the
differences and advantages of  your  product. Research your market and familiarize yourself with what else is on offer. Then carve
out a  niche for your product.

Once you can honestly answer "yes" to all the above questions,
it's just a matter of constant fine-tuning until you get a decent
level of sales. You're never going to sell to everyone who visits
your site, but  you can do lots to increase the odds in your favor.



 Each month we like to publish a story that shows how Yahoo!  GeoCities affects people's lives. Here's our pick for this month:

 Dear GeoCities,

 I am a Scottish Highland Dancer living in Northern Ontario, which is  pretty far removed from the dance community. All competitions,  workshops and teachers are 8 hours south of me.

 I found out about geocities through a friend and with the  assistance of the GeoBuilder (later PageBuilder), I was able to  create a web site. This has enabled me to meet Highland Dancers  from all over the world, share experiences, learn about suppliers,  the new techniques, costume regulations, and where the most
 current workshops are being held. You can't do all that by phone! I  have even won some awards for my web site. 

 But to be honest, the best part is, I was able to have these new  friends help me study online for my Member's Exam (teacher's  exam) for Highland Dance. Now I am the only certified Highland
 Dance teacher north of North Bay and east of Sault Ste. Marie,  Ontario! 

 BATD Instructor, Dalriada Scottish Dancers

 Highland Dancer Website

Come on you lively readers keep my page going by emailing me your submissions email me at :



SSShop til you drop on line 

in Chard Market
 by Kai Roer

As an European, I have followed the development of Internet and the Web for a long time. When the web started, it started out in English.
Yes, its right, we had a couple of pages in Norwegian too, but back
in 1994/1995, if we wanted to be international, we made the
web-pages in English before even thinking about making Norwegian or German pages. And everything was fine.

Me, I was blind until last summer - when I moved to France. I thought
I would get along fine with enough French to order a beer. Boy - was
I wrong. Internet in France is French, French, French. I’ve learned the same applies for Germany, Italy, Spain, and Japan. The same thing applies to Norway, Sweden, and Finland. And this is why we need to take action today - to meet these markets requirements.

Just have a look at these facts - and I am not lying here (Source:
Global Reach): Back in 1995, around 80% of the languages used on Internet was English. Today, only 51% of the languages on the 
Internet is English. Japanese, for instance, is way high with 8.1 %.
In Europe, there is a potential of 320 million people. Importantly,
more than half of these do not speak English. As of today, there is 
approximately 70 million people online in Europe who do not speak
English or is not native English speaking.  Add 18.5 millions who
peak UK English - you have then 100 million people online in Europe
alone that do not speak US - English. 

Do you dare to shut them out
of your web-site? Then add Asia with a number of online users of 50
million - and fast growing! Add Latin America with Spanish and 
Portuguese - another 10 million - expected to increase to 45 million
by the end of 2002. So its up to you to do the calculations. Let's
just say you are shutting out as much as 50% of your potential revenue today by shutting out the non-English. How much are you loosing tomorrow?

So what I did was to build a software solution for web-site 
publication in more than one language. My clients now are able to publish their information in whatever language they like (well I
have not yet tested it with a non-Latin font - must be neglecting the markets again). The principle is simple - let the visitor select the
language. Make your website available to the local visitors by 
adapting it to the local visitors habits and preferences.

How do you find users in other countries? They use the big American search-engines and indexes, right? Yes. And no. Research shows that
people prefer using their local search-engine. That is why Yahoo,
AltaVista and the others are getting local. And when getting 
local - you need to speak the tongue. Again, translate your website to make it possible for your visitors to find you among the billions of pages out there.

Even a blind man see that this is more expensive then just keeping
the old simple one-language page. Of course. Then again, remember
today - 50%. Tomorrow? 30%? 25%? Who knows? Can you afford not to get
yourself connected to a network of professional, international 
web-site builders and promoters?

Kai Roer is the founder of Roer.Com, a Norwegian Internet solution provider. He is an expert on the European Internet Market and offers all the services needed to establish a Multilanguage website. You may find more information about his products here: 
You may reach Kai Roer at mailto:kai@roer.com
to discuss any aspect of internationalization.
From: Martha Retallick <lnrider@azstarnet.com>

Since January 1999, I have been publishing an e-zine called Low-Tech
Internet Marketing Tips. It started out with a focus on cute,
low-cost ways to promote your online presence, but I got bored with that topic. So, I changed my e-zine's focus. It now offers reviews
of books and other sources of information about the Internet economy.

Whenever possible, I will provide a link to the web site of the
book's author or publisher. I do not provide any affiliate links to
That Online Bookstore That's Named For A River In South America, or any other affiliate place, for that matter.

Why? It's because I am not a member of any affiliate program.

Why an I not? Well, here's my reason:

Although much is made of the idea of "maximizing the revenue
potential of your Internet presence," I still think that there is
something to be said for journalistic integrity. What this means is that when I recommend something, it's because I have found its information to be useful, not because some affiliate program is going to send me a check.

I run my web and graphic design studio the same way. If I recommend another business, say, a printer or a florist shop, I'm doing so because I think that business does a good job, not because they're going to send me a referral fee.

However, there is one exception to the above. If I have a client who
does the sort of work you're looking for, I'd recommend that client ahead of anyone else. Reason? I'd like you to have the same pleasure of dealing with my clients as I have.

And that's my Recommendation Policy

Martha Retallick
Low-Tech Internet Marketing Tips

Submitted by Bob Zimmerman

Upon entering a little country store, a stranger noticed a sign reading, "Danger! Beware of Dog" posted on the glass door. 
Inside, he noticed a harmless old hound dog asleep on the floor 
besides the cash register. 

He asked the store manager, "Is that the dog folks are supposed 
to beware of?" 

"Yep, that's him," he replied. 

The stranger couldn't help but be amused. "That certainly doesn't 
look like a dangerous dog to me. Why in the world would you post 
that sign?" 

"Because," the owner replied, "before I posted that sign, people 
kept tripping over him.

Submitted by Slip Ego-Trip

Jack’s grandfather left him ten million dollars, and the next week Diane agreed to marry him. 

After three months of married life, Jack noticed that his beautiful new
wife was ignoring him more and more.  On the rare occasion that she would go to bed with him she would be indifferent, or even worse, called out other men’s names! 

Whenever they went out in public, she ignored him and flirted with other men.  Finally, he decided to confront her. 

“Diane,” he said, “the only reason you married me was because my
grandfather left me ten million dollars when he died" 

"Don’t be ridiculous,” she replied, “I don’t care who gave you the money!"

I'm Hazel Simmonds
Come and chat, leave messages or even date at our community

Tel:+44 (0) 870 199 3871 
Fax:+44 (0)870 134 0103 


How can I get a Cash Card?

It's easy to get your own Cash Card.  Fill out the sign up form, and as soon as all your information has been verified, we'll send you your very own Chard Card MasterCard.
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What is a Cash Card?

With your Chard Card Mastercard you gain the freedom and flexibility to manage and control your finances. You don’t need a bank account and there’s no credit check. 

We can deliver the Chard Card MasterCard to those who provide us with a deliverable mailing address anywhere in the world

This card benefits you, your family, and your community. It’s not a credit card, but a stored value card loaded with your money. Then use your card anywhere that MasterCard is accepted. You don’t need to have your own bank account. 

Who can use the card?

Chard Card Mastercard Cash cards are perfect for: 

  • Unbanked individuals that want the convenience of direct deposit of their paycheques.
  • British, U.S and International residents with and without credit.
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  • Keeping teens and college students on budget.
  • Sending funds to international family members.
Finally, A MASTERCARD Debit Card
That is Available Worldwide!!

You can become A Reseller And Earn A Realistic Six-Figure Income

International country's have been SCREAMING for this type of MasterCard for a long time. I can't tell you how many times I have heard from people from various countries who have asked me if I could provide them with a solution.

We have received calls from all over the world all asking us the same thing; "Do you have a debit Mastercard that I can get in my country?"  Countries like the UK, Korea, China, Malaysia, Spain, all of Europe as well as many other countries all have an EXTREMELY high need for a Mastercard debit card that they can use to manage their money with.  Well we are now happy to say the answer is   YES!! 
The exciting part of this is that you as a marketer can now make a ton of money representing this card. Believe me when we tell you this, the potential is huge! Chard Card  has now become one of the only companies that can offer a true Mastercard debit card to any place on this planet!!

If you've ever dreamed of living a life of luxury - a rich person's life - waking up when you want and planning your days however you desire then this new turn-key business will help you get there.

Why The Timing Is Right For This Hot Financial Product

Just a few years ago Mastercard/Visa debit cards where only given out by banks in the U.S. Not all banks did this and if they did you had to qualify to get it.

Why has this card always been in demand? 

A Mastercard/ Visa debit card is very different from a regular debit card.  Unlike a debit card which has limited usage - only a few businesses accept them. A Mastercard/Visa debit can be used anywhere a regular credit card was accepted, including Internet purchases!  Because of lack of technology and perhaps reluctance people in many area's of the world have not had access to a Mastercard/Visa debit card.

Why Making £1,500 - £2,000 Weekly 
Is Easily Within Your Grasp

Not only because this new Mastercard/Visa debit card is in HIGH DEMAND Worldwide but because of a compensation plan that has a referral program that brings business to you!

After all, Mastercard is one of the most recognized credit/debit card names in the world, how easy is that to promote? Generating sales is easy and the good news is that we pay you commissions directly onto your own personal Mastercard debit card. This makes Chard Card  one of the leading marketing company's in the world because our "sales force" can be anywhere!

 Get Your Virtual Bank Account  MasterCard or become a re-seller  by clicking here

 This is the Reseller website of
The UK Informed Investor
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This table is an advertisement and the Informed Investor can not be held responsible for any disputes. The card is regulated by the FDIC in the USA and each account is insured up to $100,000

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